dead romantics

long time, no write eh? my life is a mess, and unfortunately i couldn't save my blog form it, my deepest apologies. but! i hopefully will have a more routine lifestyle now that i'm in my second year of college. i'll probably have more things to show you too, my curriculum for costume design looks bomb. a bigger update is on it's way, this is not the topic for this post though.
this is about a dress. yes. another dress. why do i do this to myself. i suspect the ultimately feminine line of one just inherently reminds me of romanticism which was the topic for this task... but lets start at the beginning.

last year i had fashion design classes with a lady who challenged our input sources and the way we process our inspirations. theres more to say about those classes for sure but this is a whole post on one of our final projects. the general topic was deconstruction of a shirt, based on one of the "genres" given, rock, architecture, something else i think, and romanticism. with a mood board we were to create an outfit from deconstructed shirts and organise a photoshoot for said look. tough stuff tbh, especially if you don't really get the teacher... anywaaaay, i chose romanticism cause i'm a sucker for blue, great reason i know. i really don't want to get into all the problems i had in the beginning cause it was a freaking nightmare but i settled on these inspirations:
i know it's not a lot, in fact i'm a bit mad at myself for this being it, but the road was very hard okay.

i focused on the fabric manipulations for the flowers, each hand made with a probably unhealthy dose of frustration by yours truly. first sketch called for two of them, in the end i made eleven. i'm quite proud of them if i'm being honest, bit of my signature 3am; why am i doing to myself; again haute couture. the dress was finished, the worst was yet to come. how do you freaking organise a photoshoot with no friends?... and last minute but that's besides the point...
cue my high school friend justyna. she has been my makeup model a couple of times already and answered my desperate call on facebook. i must thank her here again, not only was she a very pretty and wonderful model but she also figured out a location. last minute wroclaw natural history museum photoshoot.
here is another thanks, to the employees of the museum. they were so helpful, so kind to let us shoot and so lovely and curious about the project. here is why this post is in polish too, for them to enjoy!
there we are, please don't judge me too hard on my photography skills or the photoshops cause i'm nowhere near a pro but i am quite happy with those, all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
i tried my best!

see you soon and remind me to never do that again (again)




ten post jest podsumowaniem jednego z moich końcoworocznych projektów w mskpu. zadanie obejmowało pracę z dekonstrukcją koszuli w wybranym temacie, ja zdecydowałam się na romantyzm. cała kreacja została uszyta przeze mnie, w większości ręcznie. szczególnie zadowolona jestem z kwiatów w dolnej części pleców. było to nie lada wyzwanie,  na szczęście przy produkcji sesji zdjęciowej miałam wspaniałą pomoc w osobie modelki, justyny. bardzo ci dziękuję, zarówno za zdjęcia jak i pomoc w organizacji miejsca na sesję. 

dodatkowo chciałabym bardzo podziękować wszystkim pracownikom muzeum przyrodniczego we wrocławiu za przychylne nastawienie i szczerą ciekawość. mam nadzieję, że zdjęcia wszystkim się podobają!
salę w której robiłyśmy zdjęcia można zobaczyć tutaj: układ kostny kręgowców


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