disappearance and it's consequences

ladies and gentlemen, this is how not to write a blog. get it, be active for some time, get more views and then DISAPPEAR. don't finish your cool series, don't upload on your insta either, what for? to actually be productive? what?

anyways... stop bringing yourself down woman, you're here now. i'm so sorry i wasn't on here at all. i finished my final year of school and that meant big exams and lots of them so i was preparing for that and my schedule was all over the place. then i was busy with having a crisis over not being in school anymore, i went through rehabilitation, got rid of my wisdom tooth, went badly through my break in therapy but i'm here now. i've had so many ideas for posts, which is usually a big problem, so now i have at least some thoughts.

because i was away for so long i didn't do any favourites since march so i think i'm gonna do a half year faves split into 3 posts, beauty, fashion and others. i have a couple smush drafts cause there have been a lot of things going on in my life.

the only thing i've been getting better with is books and beauty stuff and i kinda want to touch on that here. i have lots of beautiful albums and books about fashion industry and stuff like that so maybe reviews? what do you think?

when it comes to the general future, i've gotten into all the places i wanted, i've passed all the exams, i might be looking for a job soon so my growing up is going great to be honest. i'm in a better place than where i was a month ago for example but i still have some problems with motivation and such so please be patient. but now i have a bigger general motivation, since i'm starting studies in october i want this blog to be on time and a good place for my work concerning the studies as well.

i don't know what this post is, honestly, but i want to get back into actually doing things before college starts so let's start here.



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