bit of everything ~ march favourites

hello dear, welcome to my embarrassing den of wonder, nice to meet you.

sorry i've been away for so long, life just kinda got in the way and i became super discouraged after first week without a post... i know, it makes no sense but that's just how i roll.

anyway, march ended, it's the first monday of april (one of my favourite months) so let's get down to my favourite things.

first things first, food. i'm a massive fan and easter is my jam but! there is something that stole my heart and it surprisingly isn't my 'one-hand brownie' (recipe coming this month). 

fig bar

this the actual bomb. imagine this. you're kinda hungry but there is still a couple of hours till dinner, you don't really like figs but you love raspberries though and the packaging is basically screaming buy me at you. that was me one afternoon 3 weeks ago. and here i am, buying this stuff by a dozen and eating it instead of breakfast (don't kill me please). 

what this basically is, it's a duo of small fig bars (15%) with addition of raspberries, blueberries or solo. they are made from wholemeal flour with some oats. and that's it, no gmo, no trans fats, no milk products, suitable for vegans. sounds really simple, and it kinda is, but i find myself reaching for that instead of chocolate which is really something, i like my cocoa.  

syoss ~ 10 in 1 essential wonder treatment

when i was travelling in february, i sadly forgot my usual hair oil and my hair was in dying need of something. i couldn't find my usual stuff (why do chain drugstores not offer the same thing everywhere?? isn't that the point??) so i opted for something new, it sounded kinda good. 

now, here's the situation about my hair. i've been dyeing, curling, bleaching it since i was about 13. it's even more damaged after bleaching it for blue-purple in december although now it's in a really good condition. anyway, since it's kinda poorly, every time i wash it, i treat it with oils and some keratin shampoo, masks and all that stuff. i don't really blow dry it but i try to use nice things after washing as well. right now i'm using this and it's basically magical. i haven't heard about it before, but then again i don't really read reviews ever, just used it. and it's so good! smells fantastic, makes my hair really smooth, fixed my cotton candy ends and my hair is finally manageable when dry! now the weirdest thing, writing this post i checked this product online. it turns out that it's not very liked at all! i assume that those reviews are from people whose hair is much healthier than mine used to be. i don't know if it's any good for a pick me up for nice hair but i definitely recommend it for dry and kind of hopeless hair.

origins ~ drink-up intensive overnight mask

i've been getting kinda into skincare a bit lately, there'll be more about this later, so when the brand origins came to our sephora i was very excited. i've heard a bunch about them, especially their facial masks, this and the charcoal one. the charcoal needs a bit more time for my review but this one is definitely worth the hype! i'm new to the whole overnight mask thing, but it's quite convenient, since you don't have to wait around, and turns out it's good for my skin. this one is very hydrating, as the package says, smells really good too. origins stands for all natural ingredients so this contains apricot kernel oil, plant glycerin and hyaluronic acid to bring moisture, avocado oil and mango butter to lock it in for the morning and japanese seaweed to prevent future dryness. it's very easy to use, just like a normal mask/rich night cream and the results are visible in the morning. the only downside to this is the prize, for now at least, but if you have a coupon, which is frequently, at sephora it's definitely worth it.

kitty collector

now something purely innocent and for fun. neko atsume. you've probably heard about it but if not, let me introduce you to this just wonderful app. neko atsume (kitty collector in japanese) is kids play but it brings me so much joy. i don't have a cat, and i don't think that i'll be getting one soon, so this is my outlet of being a crazy cat lady. in the game you have a back yard with space for food and cat toys. you leave the food out and cats come to you all on their own. when they leave they give you fish (which serve as money for more food and toys). the premise of the game is to have all the toys, all the food and all the cats! there are 53 cats, i think, they all have different tastes and needs. all you have to do is give them food and change your yard around once in a while. you can take photos of them and name each one differently if you want.

i know, it's kinda immature but let me have my adult fun. i never had a console, i wasn't very into sims (you know the drill, 4 days straight and then nothing for 4 months) so this is my tamagotchi in a phone. 

the game is free for ios and android, you can buy fish but it's not necessary, and it's just good fun.

meΔia meΔea

the last thing i want to talk about it media medea. this is a play being shown in the polish theatre in wroclaw. it's made by marcin liber and marzena sadocha. here is the info from the theatre site. 

my last couple of plays where very disappointing and since i haven't heard any praises of this play i wasn't expecting anything big. i went with one of my school friends, we were just curious really. but what a good decision that was! 

this is a very, very expressive play. there is a lot happening, there are about 4 stories happening at once, intertwining and connecting. each has two actors, medea and jazon. each touches on love, be it young, lost or burnt out. there is also some social commentary on refugees and the way we treat the history of things that are no longer there. there are pieces of betrayal, revenge, loss and being lost. i feel like every body can find something to relate to in this play, the stories of families, repeated archetypes, are universal. every character has a moment of realisation, a breaking point and it's very interesting to see those on stage, with a bang a lot of times.

the practical side of the play is really good too, the costumes are very modern and interesting but they don't take away from the action. same with the use of video clips. i don't know why but our theatre recently uses video in every single play, a lot of the times it doesn't make sense (cause it's a theatre right? live action things should be happening) but here it's quite well combined. the stage is a whole big space but it doesn't confuse the audience when difference scenes are happening. even the nudity is not very overused, which i feel like is an exception in modern plays (but that's a whole another post 'on nudity'). 

go if you want. just beware of quite a lot of smoke machine, and if you don't like cigarettes don't pick a seat in the front right. 

that would be it, it think. i'm sorry again, for not being here, forgive me.


sockabrate is really coming back, i'm just a total slacker. 

love you,