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this is my throwback to waw-gd-waw polonia trip two weeks ago.
i decided to go cause, first of all, i have never seen the polish seaside, or any seaside for that matter, during winter time. 
other thing, the application processes had just started in my chosen schools so i need to send a lot of documents. fortunately it turned out that i can get them there myself so i thought that it would be a nice starting touch to show my face (other than the one on my photo, that one is hideous...).

so here are some of my things from those days:

these are really good places with food
food is really important to me

this was actually my first time trying a kinda real pho. i'm quite a big fan of asian cuisine in general, unfortunately near where i live the options are a bit limited and vietnamese is definitely not in them. if your'e in the area and have a big appetite for soup, try them out!

more on that here

ministry of coffee

ok, this is my absolute favourite place in the capital to drink coffee. i'm not saying a cafe because i get a different feel from those and here it is definitely all about coffee. they have every technique imaginable on point, a couple of different blends and lot's of options even for those who like the sweet taste of coffee shakes. they're located near pl. zbawiciela, check them out here


view from the archeological museum
post here

we went to sopot one afternoon, visited the actual seaside, like walked the pier and all. i really recommend the gallery of art there, the exhibit was free, i got to know some new artists and was really inspired. oh, and the avocado restaurant just around the corner, fusion cuisine, if the bomb.

just the train system there is shit, i really hope you can figure it out yourself, i barely made it.

and here you have the dreaded shakespear's theatre and some better things. w starym kadrze cafe, they have really cool coffee combinations based on famous titles, they host showings of very different films and it gives a nice feel tbh.

milanówek is another great thing, so great. here you can read more about it, i bought a beautiful scarf, it's on one of my insta selfies, but i'm sure it deserves it's own outfit and post.


on our way home
xoxo from varsovie

so, i think that is it. i loved this trip, had been excited for it for so long. i got the stuff done, waiting for news (you're going to be the first to know). i hope you enjoyed all this, i think i'm haul some stuff from this and my current trip cause it's worth a look.

this has been your extra dose of travel inspirations.



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