on health

you know that question ''what do you want to be in life''? in 10, 20, 40 years? who do you wanna be?
well, i used to give this whole elaborate answer, with my career plans, living on my own in my own apartment at 25, stuff like that. i had my whole life planned. i wanted to be rich, educated and well-known in the field. some people say they want to be famous or happy (which is very obvious to me and a bit of a cop out answer to me tbh).

my answer changed this year though. it's being healthy, both mind and soul.
this is what i didn't get when i was younger. at christmas my grandparents and others always wish me health "cause that's all we really got sweetheart''. why's that, there's so many more things we have and are important right? well, yeah, sure. but i still feel that health is the most important and the most overlooked one too, to be honest.

i've mentioned it here before a couple of times, but i've been having health problems almost all my life, mostly with my skeleton and joints. no major injury, just my skeleton isn't the best somehow. this means that during middle school, after my growth sprout, i started getting very bad lower back pain. when i went to the doctors after i changed schools, it turned out that i was so stressed that the muscles supporting my spine were tense all the time and couldn't regenerate. this affected the spine itself, constant pressure isn't good for vertebrae. rehabilitation helped and i'm not in the hurtful environment anymore so it got better.

but we are a whole being after all. during sessions we worked on connected tissues and it turns out that my hips are my worst problem. after my exams this year i had more time to actually go to all the doctors i was supposed to go to, take care of myself more i guess, got a wisdom tooth out, my hormones got checked, and i also visited the orthopedist.

hip pain is quite specific, let me tell you. when you're at a point where there is literally no position that doesn't hurt and you can't walk up a flight of stairs without tears in your eyes, it's very bad.

and then you hear that there is literally nothing you can do to stop this.

the tissues have to age for them to be less sensitive and there is no, even temporary, solution.

i cried. i cried, not because of the pain, as sad as it sounds, you get used to it, but because i have never realised so strongly what extended periods of constant pain do to you. this is not about the pain itself anymore, it's the mental struggle. how strong is the longing for relief, how it lingers in your brain at all times. even after months of living with it, after ''getting used to'' and adjusting yourself to all that, this thing is always there. you think about it for a second and suddenly you feel it more and it all sucks. i've had things ruined because of this. this thought comes to mind,

how does it feel like to not hurt.

i've never heard anyone speak about it. of course, it's known that patients who have to lay down for extended periods of time, or are otherwise limited, do experience depression stages, it's one of the hardest things for doctors to deal with after a while. but how is it the other way around. or how is it with everyday, more or less constant pain.

during my rehabilitation i had lots of time to think, and there are multiple topics in there too, but it proved to me that we really are a unity, body and mind are connected in the tightest of knots, and that health really is the most important.

when you can't walk up the stairs and have to plan your whole route somewhere to avoid said stairs, it really affects you. i stopped going to some places cause it meant that i had to walk upstairs. the greatest thing is when the underground passages get on ground alternatives. that messes you up, people. it brings so much frustration and anger, towards yourself too, it's insane. i'm 20, this shouldn't be happening!

yet it does. mental health is just the same. i've been in therapy for almost 4 years, been taking medications, antidepressants and stabilisers for 3 and a half. i'm very sensitive with psychosomatic stuff so this is so connected.

as my mum says

we are an entity.

that is why my answer changed. without physical health you can't be happy, without mental health your body is miserable too.

and this last paragraph is specifically for you, my dear reader.

take care of yourself, not for anybody else but for yourself. take those medications. please, they save lives. go for that doctor check up. don't ignore that one thing in your knee, you know what i mean. when your body is sad, you're sad, and when you're sad and it's taking a toll on your body, that's so bad too. if you ever considered going to the doctors for that thing, please do. you need yourself to be healthy. tell me that in 40 years you want to be healthy.

please take care of yourself to be here in 40 years to tell me that i was right.




colour is the highlight of my life ~ half year favourites // beauty

i haven't done this for a while right? it's the end of august, i skipped almost half a year, wow. but this results in having a half year favourites series. this is the beauty post, obviously, you can read... next one is gonna be fashion and then, widely speaking, others. but let's get into this.

let's start with skincare, since it's the base. in the beginning of the year i received a book about korean skin rituals and care and it flipped my entire routine upside down, or rather right side up! this is material for a whole another post, which i'm planning to make in a couple of months, but in general i added new steps, especially for the night.

one of which was using a toning water after cleansing and pore-tightening toning. 

mario bodescu ~ facial spray with aloe, herbs and rose water

i picked this one on recommendation of essie button in the beginning of march, just to try something out. it sounded great and it kinda is. my favourite thing about it is the scent, it's very relaxing, great to just spray at night, let it sink in and breath in the good vibes. now, i have to be honest, i don't really know if it does anything for my skin per se, it's mostly an extra step for my pure pleasure since i found myself enjoying skincare very much. i used it as a make up setter after too much powder and it worked great, very refreshing after a long, hot day too. i'm very intrigued by other products by this brand now, have you used it?


tonic is something i use every day but i also discovered something to pamper myself. i'm always on the look out for interesting and cool masks and this is a favourite right now.

skinfood ~ black sugar wash off

following my korean skincare adventure, i came across a website, yesstyle.com, and this brand. this is, clearly, from their black sugar range, so it smells wonderful, like caramel. i use it after cleansing but before the rose toner, as a sort of scrub. i get a small amount, scrub my damp face around a bit and leave this on for about 15 minutes. it melts a bit from the heat of your skin, get's glossy and the scent is more intense so if you don't like that, i suggest some other product. after washing off, you're left with a teeny bit of a film but your skin is so soft and supple, you can also feel the difference in the morning. as you can see i'm almost out, so i have to definitely get more!


on the topic of taking care of your skin, body skin is also important. i've never really used balms or creams on my body, i feel sticky and gross and like i need to shower right after applying them. but this thing, oh boy.

bath & body works ~ lavender chamomile body cream

this was such a surprise to me. i don't even really look at balms but i had an offer of a free one so i thought this looked promising. it's amazing! first of all, the scent! i'm apparently a very scent driven person, it's all i care about haha! as it says right there, it's chamomile and lavender so it's obviously very relaxing, aromatherapy done right. it also lingers very long, once you use it every night your covers will smell just like the actual cream, you get the whiff when slipping in bed. the scent is important right, but since i have a problem with just sitting there and letting it sink in properly, i was interested in the consistency. this, as the tube says, is a cream so it's not runny, more like a thick custard, it's not as slippy though. it melts right into your skin after shower and when i visit warsaw in september i'm definitely getting my third one!


now that i took care of the skin, let's put some colourful stuff on it! i've visited sephora a lot lately, gold card member baby, so these next two are from there.

 sephora ~ 10hr fix & correct concealer

after i fell in love with the cushion foundation, described here, i decided to pay more attention to the sephora brand, especially skin stuff. i rarely look at face makeup because there's rarely something to look at for me. i'm very pale and even though i live in europe, where lots and lots of people are pale, there aren't a lot of options. sephora brand always looked quite yellow from afar that's why i got very surprised when i came across this. lo and behold, dual tip corrector in number 13, pink as hell and pale as hell. the two formulas are a bit similar, in that they are very thick and creamy, but since the two sides have different purposes, they do have some distinct features.

this side is thin and tiny. the corrector is quite heavy duty, i would say, but isn't as oily as bobbie brown, for example. since it's specifically for spot correcting so it's very matte, you just blend the edges a bit and you're good. the only problem i have is that because it's a stick and is quite hard, it can be a bit painful when you have a fresh pimple (i get zits that kind of react like tiny wounds).

this is the more interesting part, at least for me. since i am so pale and the skin around my eyes is naturally very thin and dark, i have pretty much permanent dark purple half moons under my eyes. it's quite difficult to cover them up because oily concealers don't really work on the area and thinner ones don't have enough coverage. this is a great middle ground. it's creamy and thick enough that it doesn't blend into nothingness yet it's not as heavy as a spot concealer so it blends even better and doesn't look like you just put cut outs of your actual skin under your eyes. oh, and it's even a tiny bit brighter than the other end so it doubles as an under eye highlight!


since i've been to the sephora website way too many times this year, i eventually stumbled upon the forgotten pieces. and here we have this.

sephora ~ duo reflects eyeliner (mermaid tail, sea horse, stormy seas)
sephora ~ colourful eyeliner 24h, waterproof (engagement ring, firework)

in the sales i found three duo chrome eyeliners, with sea related names too, so of course i had to get them, no question. i consider myself a mermaid so this was needed asap. they turned out amazing, just what i wanted, the website photos don't serve them justice at all. 

following this beautiful mermaid discovery, i got a white (i've been looking for one for a long, long time) and a purple glittery ones, waterproof. they all are sooo long lasting, no smudging at all, even my eye makeup remover needs some time to get to them. the glitter and duo chrome pigments are nice and opaque, maybe just stormy seas needs some layers. i'm a bit of a makeup artist, definitely a makeup lover, but i always hesitant this brush business when it comes to eyeliner. the colours got to me though and it turns out it's way better for me than pen or marker! when i run out of my black precision liner, i'm gonna get this one.

i'm so happy and thankful that the sephora brand improved so much lately. they always slayed colourful makeup but now all products are such good quality yet the price didn't change, it's way more affordable than the higher shelf right beside them. i'm looking forward to trying out more stuff from them. 


next we have the highlight part of the title, let's get sparkly.

 sleek makeup ~ solstice highlighting palette

when i saw some highlighters late last year, i decided that 2016 is the year i'm gonna sparkle and shine. and here we are, putting on highlight with barely any makeup! although, have you seen the all highlighter face challenge? ''i wanna be seen from space''. i got this palette, along with midas touch one (which isn't gold at all, weird), in march but i have been using sparkly stuff for longer. 

there are 3 powders and a cream, i love the names btw.

it was so difficult to photograph this, especially because i fucking can't take photos.

the powders are really powdery so you have to be careful when applying. look out for fall out, although who's gonna be mad at more sparkle, and don't apply this with your fingers, or the brush inside either, you'll be able to see marks. i use this old school sephora duo fiber brush, a nice soft and sparse brush will do.

since either i'm crazy, my camera is crazy or i'm just dumb, i couldn't take a good enough photo of the colours (which don't show that much on the skin actually) so here's a video from my phone. 

since i am so pale, with hardcore highlight i look a bit other worldly (especially if it's blue like in the midas touch), but i honestly love this look and i think i look great in it and the pastels i've been wearing all summer. i'll see how this glittery love affair progresses and let you know!


and last, but definitely not least, we have ze lipz.

 maybelline ~ color sensational matte in 940 rose blush

i love lipsticks. when i wear makeup i prefer to focus on the lips instead of eyes, since i wear glasses anyway. i tend to go for matte since it's way more practical and because my lips need some reshaping and that's best done without sparkle. unfortunately, matte formulas tend to be drying and to show all the imperfections in smoothness. after a while my lips need a break, not after this one though! oh gurl, the formula, it's so phenomenal. it's very very creamy, long lasting and smooth. in addition, it's really, truly matte, not ''matte'' but really satin. since wearing pastels i prefer more pink tone lipsticks so this is perfect for now, but the colours... why so little, maybelline? they usually have so many, but this series only has like five and none of the other shades suit me, sad sad. 

and here we have a selfie, the lips and concealer are present. new glasses too!


this is probably the longest post ever! i've been sitting in this starbucks for almost 2 hours, because of technical difficulties (grr, orange internet) i had to go out, that's why this is late, sorry.

i have showed you my faves, what about yours? are there any makeup holy grails i don't know about (probably) or skincare must-haves (most definitely)?

hope you enjoyed, even though i suck at taking photos.



p.s. do you like the writing on photos thing? i really like it, should get better at it, but what do you think?


on body

i'm writing this out of my first ever notes for a post, so bare with me. this is a topic that has been brewing in me for quite some time, i've mentioned it a couple of times here and there, but there's more i want to say.

this is going to be about weight and being self-conscious of said weight. it is also going to be about the image of a body in general, or rather, my body.


i've never been satisfied with my weight or how i looked with it, even when i was a kid. sports were never in really in my interests, i enjoyed food and had, still have, a sweet tooth. this, coupled with some health problems, didn't exactly help in loosing weight. additionally, when i started my growth sprout at around 13, i gained more weight. it wasn't exactly bad fat, it's obvious that when your boobs change 3 cup sizes and you suddenly grow 20 cm, there is going to be more of you.

because i am this 5'10'' and am bustier with some thunder thighs (i'm fascinated by this wording), i weigh more than my friends. i weigh more than my 6'4'' cousin and my, a bit shorter but way musclier, brother-in law. and that hurts, so much. i don't know if you have any idea how it is, being the heaviest person in the house and being the only one that wants to loose weight, not gain any. and i wouldn't even call myself fat, there's certainly waaay bigger girls. but i do have a problem, it's the number, be it on a scale or the labels of my clothing. i'm just larger than a medium.

writing it down, it feels silly, that size is common, it's there for a reason, i'm sure there are beautiful women who wear a large and slay! i just feel like this is a bit out of my range...

it also brings me down in other aspects of life, like dreams about relationships for example. picking up your girlfriend, bridal style, must be fucking great. i haven't been picked up comfortably in 8 years...


but i do have things that actually make me happy about my body, like genuinely happy about my body in particular.

i've seen a lot of mentions of beauty marks and other skin things around lately and this has led me to a quite wonderful discovery.

i like my skin.

i don't have a lot of acne problems, it's mostly healthy, i like it's colour.

i have lots of beauty marks but thanks to my mum, who always praised them, and my imagination, i like to imagine them in galaxies and patterns, i love each and every one of them. i'm very observant of my skin, i know which spot has been there forever, which one changed colour, it's fascinating.

the only thing that used to bother me were my stretch marks. they quickly appeared when i grew taller, and now i have them on my inner thighs, around my hips and on my arms and breasts. they aren't dark but the lines are definitely there and there is quite a difference in texture.

in the beginning, i was horrified. why would a 15 year old get stretch marks, isn't that a pregnancy thing? why aren't teenagers taught this is normal? that this is their body growing?? i was sure i was alone, that this a flaw, that i should hide. i fought them for some time, using balms but this was even worse, i felt terrible. i didn't really like balms at all that's one thing and the other was that the tube that was lurking and staring at me from my cabinet had a pregnant, happy lady on it! i'm not happy tube! nor pregnant!

so i started to hide a lot, never wore short skirts of shorts, arms covered. until last summer, it was 30+ degrees everyday, i had to shed the layers or i'd literally boil alive.

but it turns out that i actually love my legs being out, shorts are so comfy and flattering. arms are out for this season, i don't want to hide those tiny lightning marks across my skin. now, i can't imagine myself without them, no idea how my thighs would look like totally smooth. i even like those ones, they look really pretty to me and it feels very pleasant to caress. is this what people do?


i think i could talk about body a whole lot more to be honest, since i'm in my 24/7.

and so are you, dear reader, it's yours and you have the right and deserve to love it yourself.



p.s. i know ''thunder thighs'' wasn't suppose to be positive but i like to think that, firstly, i can cause a storm of hormones with them and secondly, after all, there are lightning bolts on them.


disappearance and it's consequences

ladies and gentlemen, this is how not to write a blog. get it, be active for some time, get more views and then DISAPPEAR. don't finish your cool series, don't upload on your insta either, what for? to actually be productive? what?

anyways... stop bringing yourself down woman, you're here now. i'm so sorry i wasn't on here at all. i finished my final year of school and that meant big exams and lots of them so i was preparing for that and my schedule was all over the place. then i was busy with having a crisis over not being in school anymore, i went through rehabilitation, got rid of my wisdom tooth, went badly through my break in therapy but i'm here now. i've had so many ideas for posts, which is usually a big problem, so now i have at least some thoughts.

because i was away for so long i didn't do any favourites since march so i think i'm gonna do a half year faves split into 3 posts, beauty, fashion and others. i have a couple smush drafts cause there have been a lot of things going on in my life.

the only thing i've been getting better with is books and beauty stuff and i kinda want to touch on that here. i have lots of beautiful albums and books about fashion industry and stuff like that so maybe reviews? what do you think?

when it comes to the general future, i've gotten into all the places i wanted, i've passed all the exams, i might be looking for a job soon so my growing up is going great to be honest. i'm in a better place than where i was a month ago for example but i still have some problems with motivation and such so please be patient. but now i have a bigger general motivation, since i'm starting studies in october i want this blog to be on time and a good place for my work concerning the studies as well.

i don't know what this post is, honestly, but i want to get back into actually doing things before college starts so let's start here.




bit of everything ~ march favourites

hello dear, welcome to my embarrassing den of wonder, nice to meet you.

sorry i've been away for so long, life just kinda got in the way and i became super discouraged after first week without a post... i know, it makes no sense but that's just how i roll.

anyway, march ended, it's the first monday of april (one of my favourite months) so let's get down to my favourite things.

first things first, food. i'm a massive fan and easter is my jam but! there is something that stole my heart and it surprisingly isn't my 'one-hand brownie' (recipe coming this month). 

fig bar

this the actual bomb. imagine this. you're kinda hungry but there is still a couple of hours till dinner, you don't really like figs but you love raspberries though and the packaging is basically screaming buy me at you. that was me one afternoon 3 weeks ago. and here i am, buying this stuff by a dozen and eating it instead of breakfast (don't kill me please). 

what this basically is, it's a duo of small fig bars (15%) with addition of raspberries, blueberries or solo. they are made from wholemeal flour with some oats. and that's it, no gmo, no trans fats, no milk products, suitable for vegans. sounds really simple, and it kinda is, but i find myself reaching for that instead of chocolate which is really something, i like my cocoa.  

syoss ~ 10 in 1 essential wonder treatment

when i was travelling in february, i sadly forgot my usual hair oil and my hair was in dying need of something. i couldn't find my usual stuff (why do chain drugstores not offer the same thing everywhere?? isn't that the point??) so i opted for something new, it sounded kinda good. 

now, here's the situation about my hair. i've been dyeing, curling, bleaching it since i was about 13. it's even more damaged after bleaching it for blue-purple in december although now it's in a really good condition. anyway, since it's kinda poorly, every time i wash it, i treat it with oils and some keratin shampoo, masks and all that stuff. i don't really blow dry it but i try to use nice things after washing as well. right now i'm using this and it's basically magical. i haven't heard about it before, but then again i don't really read reviews ever, just used it. and it's so good! smells fantastic, makes my hair really smooth, fixed my cotton candy ends and my hair is finally manageable when dry! now the weirdest thing, writing this post i checked this product online. it turns out that it's not very liked at all! i assume that those reviews are from people whose hair is much healthier than mine used to be. i don't know if it's any good for a pick me up for nice hair but i definitely recommend it for dry and kind of hopeless hair.

origins ~ drink-up intensive overnight mask

i've been getting kinda into skincare a bit lately, there'll be more about this later, so when the brand origins came to our sephora i was very excited. i've heard a bunch about them, especially their facial masks, this and the charcoal one. the charcoal needs a bit more time for my review but this one is definitely worth the hype! i'm new to the whole overnight mask thing, but it's quite convenient, since you don't have to wait around, and turns out it's good for my skin. this one is very hydrating, as the package says, smells really good too. origins stands for all natural ingredients so this contains apricot kernel oil, plant glycerin and hyaluronic acid to bring moisture, avocado oil and mango butter to lock it in for the morning and japanese seaweed to prevent future dryness. it's very easy to use, just like a normal mask/rich night cream and the results are visible in the morning. the only downside to this is the prize, for now at least, but if you have a coupon, which is frequently, at sephora it's definitely worth it.

kitty collector

now something purely innocent and for fun. neko atsume. you've probably heard about it but if not, let me introduce you to this just wonderful app. neko atsume (kitty collector in japanese) is kids play but it brings me so much joy. i don't have a cat, and i don't think that i'll be getting one soon, so this is my outlet of being a crazy cat lady. in the game you have a back yard with space for food and cat toys. you leave the food out and cats come to you all on their own. when they leave they give you fish (which serve as money for more food and toys). the premise of the game is to have all the toys, all the food and all the cats! there are 53 cats, i think, they all have different tastes and needs. all you have to do is give them food and change your yard around once in a while. you can take photos of them and name each one differently if you want.

i know, it's kinda immature but let me have my adult fun. i never had a console, i wasn't very into sims (you know the drill, 4 days straight and then nothing for 4 months) so this is my tamagotchi in a phone. 

the game is free for ios and android, you can buy fish but it's not necessary, and it's just good fun.

meΔia meΔea

the last thing i want to talk about it media medea. this is a play being shown in the polish theatre in wroclaw. it's made by marcin liber and marzena sadocha. here is the info from the theatre site. 

my last couple of plays where very disappointing and since i haven't heard any praises of this play i wasn't expecting anything big. i went with one of my school friends, we were just curious really. but what a good decision that was! 

this is a very, very expressive play. there is a lot happening, there are about 4 stories happening at once, intertwining and connecting. each has two actors, medea and jazon. each touches on love, be it young, lost or burnt out. there is also some social commentary on refugees and the way we treat the history of things that are no longer there. there are pieces of betrayal, revenge, loss and being lost. i feel like every body can find something to relate to in this play, the stories of families, repeated archetypes, are universal. every character has a moment of realisation, a breaking point and it's very interesting to see those on stage, with a bang a lot of times.

the practical side of the play is really good too, the costumes are very modern and interesting but they don't take away from the action. same with the use of video clips. i don't know why but our theatre recently uses video in every single play, a lot of the times it doesn't make sense (cause it's a theatre right? live action things should be happening) but here it's quite well combined. the stage is a whole big space but it doesn't confuse the audience when difference scenes are happening. even the nudity is not very overused, which i feel like is an exception in modern plays (but that's a whole another post 'on nudity'). 

go if you want. just beware of quite a lot of smoke machine, and if you don't like cigarettes don't pick a seat in the front right. 

that would be it, it think. i'm sorry again, for not being here, forgive me.


sockabrate is really coming back, i'm just a total slacker. 

love you,



for your face and soul ~ february favourites

another month gone. 2016 is passing by quite fast for me, scary. but let's lighten up the mood instantly with some favourite products, that always cheers me up (you know those hours spent on youtube, looking up beauty gurus and trying to find a good enough reason to splurge on yet another red lipstick).

this month has been full of travels, i feel like a true adult, i have my own case and everything. my traveling hacks learnt from numerous times in london always come in handy, even with trains (pendolino is good stuff).

but here is some stuff i've been loving not only while traveling, although that changed my use of them.


magic cushion
ever since i became more interested in asian, korean especially, culture i've wanted to try cushion foundations. the girls there and in the west are all big fans since it's supposed to be super light yet longlasting and the formulas are usually very watery, moisturising. also... come on! it's such a fun application method!

the only thing that was not so great about those foundation was the fact that they were freaking impossible to find! i try to avoid buying products for my skin online, just because i'm so fair and pale that most of them are too dark or yellow, even if the photos say otherwise. in korea the trend is to be lighter then here so it probably should be fine but the shade ''light beige'' by etude house doesn't sound convincing to me.

but the patience paid off. the sephora brand came up with a cushion foundation probably like 2 months ago, it's available here for 79 zlotys, which is fine really for a bit of a higher end foundation. the colour range seems small at first but try it out, it fits both me and my mum and she's quite tan. of course i'm using the lightest 14 ''soft beige''.

the product comes in, surprise surprise, a cushion. when you open the compact you get a mirror and a small puff, the actual product is hidden inside the case. out the cushion on your three fingers and press it into the cushion. the trick is though not to press it hard, the product is there, believe me, you can always come back. once you have that just pat it into your beautiful face, starting from the center. don't rub, i know the urge, just pat. you don't need a lot in my experience, three pushes is more then enough for me.

the coverage is just what it says, very natural and delicate yet it unifies (is that the correct word?) the skin tone. the truly amazing thing though is the freaking lasting effect!

i touch myself a lot. ok, that came out wrong. i touch my face a lot during the day, like resting my chin on my hand and such. usually a bb cream doesn't last all day, i get just a tiny bit of colour on the cotton pad in the evening. but this! this is different! freaking all day running around the city and it didn't budge. set with just powder (which isn't a must really but i can get a bit oily in the t-zone) and it's amazing.


mischievous grapefruit  
here i am being a bit of a bitch cause it's not available any more, but it's so good! l'occitane's ''pamplemousse-rhubarbe'' from their pierre herme collection. it was a limited edition during i think holiday time and i have the eau de toilette, shower gel and hand cream.

i'm not gonna go on about the actual gel or cream, you probably know l'occitane's products, if not, their hand creams have 20% shea butter and it's the bomb.

another thing is writing about the scent. i'm quite sensitive to smells but don't know the science at all. the things i found that can maybe tell you something:
top notes: rhubarb, grapefruit, lemon, cypress
heart notes: clove, nutmeg, lavender
base notes: cedar, vetiver
i don't really know if they are all here. what i can say though is that it smells citrusy, fresh with a bit of sweetness. it's a daytime perfume for sure, probably more summer appropriate but who cares. it's marketed unisex and i definitely agree, i would love a man to smell like that. the only downside is it's not so great lasting power. the gel and hand cream are good but the perfume itself i feel fades quite quickly. the one thing i found to be very good (i'm new to perfume so it's probably new only for me) is to spray it on your hair when it's almost dry, like one extra blow with the hairdryer. the smell doesn't overpower you and others really, subtle but i think that the rhubarb addition gives it a nice original touch.

i say that like you're gonna buy it or something. the only way i can think this information could be useful for you is if you want to know what i smell like. weird but now you know.

oh, and the mischievous part is a quote from the original description...


the only good thing about valentines
i feel like valentine's day is only fun for couples and since i'm not a part of one, it's not fun for me. but! a lot of shops and whatnot come out with special offers and things because of that and i'm sure you take advantage of that too. so now i'm willing to give up my already battered hipster card for your possible pleasure.

i love coffee, any pretty much. so when i noticed that starbucks here came out with new flavours i had to try. and what a good idea that was...

i've been obsessed with flower flavoured things for ages and rose, apart from the all mighty lavender, is my favourite. the starbucks coffee is rose and pistachio flavoured with pink whipped cream, wha?! cool, right? it's good, go try it, unless you're not a fan of starbucks which i get. 

tiny wonders
in january my favourites mostly included (or solely really) beauty products. in march i feel like i'm gonna have more of those cause i found a lot of new things to test, but in february it's mostly other stuff i liked. the last thing i really want to talk about but i'm not sure if i have enough info is an exhibition i saw in cracow. it's in my favourites cause among all the stuff and works i've seen this month this has been the best (and believe me, i've seen masterpieces).

this is a tiny exhibit by takayuki hara held in manggha (a japanese/asian arts centre) in cracow. the title is ''before we fall again'' and consists of around 30 works done in various techniques. most are drawings but there are also graphics and these crazy sculptures made from blown out egg shells.

his works are very intricate and detailed, he must have a crazy good pencil sharpener. or a mechanical pencil... duh... anyway. the works are centered around the darkness of falling/failing, the different stages of that, the changes we go through. it's also dedicated to the artist's uncle who passed away, which i think is saying a lot. the whole thing is showing the ideas of a man between his falls and the magical world in his head, i guess.

but the interpretation is to each his own, that's how i see it. the works are very valuable on an artistic level too, that's why it's one of my favourites this month. here are some of my faves in the collection:

innocence (detail)
blind embossing on paper

accumulator (detail)
graphite on paper

my friendly neighbour, jellyfish (detail)
watercolour, pen and ink on concertina book

this last cat is a part of this:
and this is absolutely magnificent

even the rooms were decorated with his characters

if you want to see this exhibit, it's on till 13th of march, the ticket is for the whole gallery for 20/15 zlotys.


hope you enjoyed that, i'm so proud of myself. 

this has been your monday dose of pure pleasure.



p.s. sockabrate is coming back and coworking with new people is great.


premium polonia express

this is my throwback to waw-gd-waw polonia trip two weeks ago.
i decided to go cause, first of all, i have never seen the polish seaside, or any seaside for that matter, during winter time. 
other thing, the application processes had just started in my chosen schools so i need to send a lot of documents. fortunately it turned out that i can get them there myself so i thought that it would be a nice starting touch to show my face (other than the one on my photo, that one is hideous...).

so here are some of my things from those days:

these are really good places with food
food is really important to me

this was actually my first time trying a kinda real pho. i'm quite a big fan of asian cuisine in general, unfortunately near where i live the options are a bit limited and vietnamese is definitely not in them. if your'e in the area and have a big appetite for soup, try them out!

more on that here

ministry of coffee

ok, this is my absolute favourite place in the capital to drink coffee. i'm not saying a cafe because i get a different feel from those and here it is definitely all about coffee. they have every technique imaginable on point, a couple of different blends and lot's of options even for those who like the sweet taste of coffee shakes. they're located near pl. zbawiciela, check them out here


view from the archeological museum
post here

we went to sopot one afternoon, visited the actual seaside, like walked the pier and all. i really recommend the gallery of art there, the exhibit was free, i got to know some new artists and was really inspired. oh, and the avocado restaurant just around the corner, fusion cuisine, if the bomb.

just the train system there is shit, i really hope you can figure it out yourself, i barely made it.

and here you have the dreaded shakespear's theatre and some better things. w starym kadrze cafe, they have really cool coffee combinations based on famous titles, they host showings of very different films and it gives a nice feel tbh.

milanówek is another great thing, so great. here you can read more about it, i bought a beautiful scarf, it's on one of my insta selfies, but i'm sure it deserves it's own outfit and post.


on our way home
xoxo from varsovie

so, i think that is it. i loved this trip, had been excited for it for so long. i got the stuff done, waiting for news (you're going to be the first to know). i hope you enjoyed all this, i think i'm haul some stuff from this and my current trip cause it's worth a look.

this has been your extra dose of travel inspirations.




szemrany szekspir

i'm a big fan of shakespeare's works. i find classic british humour to be hilarious and roles like hamlet are just wonderful. i've read the major plays, both in polish and english, been to multiple stagings of different interpretations of the genius texts. but i'm not here to fluff around about my love about the guy.

as you know, i visited gdańsk recently and there is this thing there that got me seriously excited. a ''shakespeare's theatre''. sounds cool, right? in reality it's not really but we'll get to that later. 

the theatre is this whole investment and project which was started in the early 2000's and finished 1,5 year ago. it resulted in a building. good fun.

why shakespear? he hasn't even visited gdańsk in his times! it turns out that there was an old theatre (about the time the author was alive), where the new one stands, and they hosted various artists from all over europe. so here's why apparently. 

the idea is great. they built a theatre, designed by an italian architect, which is supposed to be a place for other theatres from all over the country to come and act on a very advanced stage, with amazing technology. 

the biggest thing about this building is the stage itself and the roof. the stage is entirely movable, made of parts that can change the pits hight and make the ''italian stage'' (which is the classic pushed back into the wall stage) into an ''elizabethan stage'' (traditional shakespeare's stage, pushed into the audience, actors can be seen from almost all sides). this poses so many opportunities! like there can be plays just for this stage, much different from the norm, watched from many angles! imagine that...
the seats are movable
italian stage, 
the dark parts can be changed

and here comes the first absurd. even though the stage has so much potential, the guide (he was kinda creepily in love with the whole thing) couldn't name one play that was newly written for this theatre. they don't want to invest in their own troupe (continuing the olden traditions) so the plays depend purely on the guest theatre. oh, and even the true shakespeare plays are on the italian stage! oh my god! such a waste! even the one produced as the first traditional play (they plan on having a premiere once a year of a new shakespeare play, since he wrote so many) wasn't on the full elizabethan stage!


another cool thing about this building, as mentioned, is the roof. you probably noticed that they have a roof, yet the original didn't have those. 
the pattern is really cool though...

i was really confused at first cause a sort of open air theatre gives a totally different feel to a play than a closed space (and the lighting is very different) but they sort of dealt with that.

they have a freaking movable roof! it weights 40 tonnes, although don't quote me on that, and can open in 3 minutes. because it was really gloomy, rainy and cold when i went, they didn't open it for us but you can see photos on their page. tbh looks interesting.


now let's get to the szemrany part. szemrany translates to dodgy or shady. 

so... the whole thing seems to be very dangerous, from a ''health and safety''. it seems that the architect was really stubborn with the concept but didn't take into account that this is a public use building. almost all the staircases are like 90cm wide, two people barely fit. we went on this terrace thing:
and when the guy was talking he kind of contradicted himself in the next sentences. firstly, he said that this is not available to the general public and they don't open it during performances, yet it's supposed to be a walking trail and he invited us to suggest projects that can happen in these areas... 

another thing. my mum and i bought tickets online to see a play that very same day, yet somehow they failed to inform us that it's canceled. we were there 3 hours earlier! oh, and they suggested we should keep an eye on their facebook page, tf...

to be honest, the last thing i think is the building from the outside. it is very controversial in the gothic architecture in the city center, i can totally see why. it looks like a burnt tomb to me... i even heard some architecture people discussing it in a cafe, to be gentle, they weren't happy. 

all and all, it was a weird, shady and not very enjoyable experience. and it's such a shame, damn it! 


now, i'd like to know what you think. i know you probably haven't been but what do you think about the building (it costed almost 100 milion zlotys, the bricks on the outside where hand made...). 

i really don't like it, and it looks terrible in connection to the whole panorama, shame...


okay, here it is. the travelog is coming on friday i think.

this has been your monday dose of architecture banter.



p.s. i'm sososososo sorry this didn't come out last week, my laptop refused to turn on and i had to deal with that...

thank you