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hi, sorry for the slight hiatus, i'm going through some tough times and the last thing i wanted was to exist in cyber space.

śródświetlne was a grand success, thank you everyone who came and helped me, even if there were tiny mishaps. i want to do more but right now i have to focus on education more, the non-artistic kind.

not a lot of things happened through out christmas here, i have been eating a lot though, just like every holiday haha! oh, and i wore some christmas socks and earrings, to get into the spirit you know.

oh, but something happened before christmas! i went to see the new star wars! it's amazing, highly recommend. the production value of this film is just so great, i really wish i could visit their set or wardrobes cause the costumes and makeup were so well made, it probably took hours to make some prosthetics. btw, does anybody know a good brand of oil based face paints? cause now i only have water based but they don't work on latex and i can't decide which ones to get.

i want to get back to sending letters, it's so nice and i really miss it. in 2016 i would like to open a tumblr related to postcrossing and mail art, would you be interested? anybody wants to send me something, haha?

how are you planning to spend your new years? i want to draw more, but my room is such a mess a a4 paper doesn't fit anywhere. i was making christmas gifts for my family, little illustrations of celtic birth calendar of trees (i don't know how to call it), and i had to stack it all.

other news, i got a new parka and i think that it might be one of my favourite buy ever. i look good in it. i, with my low self esteem and a high key hatred of my body, can say i look good, so it's bloody good, i'll show you on instagram.

i guess this post is all over the place, i just wanted to get things out of my system and into your brain, forever, ha ha ha! ok, i'll stop now.

śródświetlne posts are coming up, 3 at most really, i want to show you how i made this shizz cause i'm for once proud of it.

enjoy your life, you're worth it.

this has been your new dose of fluff.



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