glass is there to...

a couple of days ago i went to a beautiful exhibition, i'd like to tell you about it.

currently, we are in the middle of the european glass festival. i strongly advise you to take a look at the page and find an exhibit near you. i went to the wroclaw one. and it was great.

i can clearly remember being interested in glass since i was about 7 years old, about the same time i became interested in venice. murano glass became one of the most wonderful art forms for me. now, even though i'm not making it myself, i love to check out some new and old artists.

and that's just what i did. this is the 4th edition of the festival, this years theme was love.

the exhibit is tiny but very diverse, as the name would suggest, there are works by artists from all over europe.

i'm no critic but let me show you my favourite pieces:


kocham cię by dagmara bielecka

8 i love you's in different techniques. very delicate but you can feel the statement. this artist is fascinated in old glass making techniques and uses traditional materials.


torso XI by latchezar boyadjiev

this is so much better in person to be honest but it looks great here as well. the thing with glass, especially full dimension works, is that it shows it's true beauty with the presence of light. this piece is quite big and combines clear and matte surfaces and truly dances in the light. i don't know how you would experience it but i see it as two figures melting and un-melting together, love.


hatifnat aktywny by małgorzata dajewska

this, even though it doesn't turn heads, is quite sentimental for me. you see a hatifnat (or hattifattener as you apparently call it in english) is a character from one of my favourite childhood series, the moomins. it's written by a finish writer, and i has made way to the very essence of my early years. it's just very cute and cuddly and i feel great when i think about those books and the tv series, highly recommend it.


faces of love by pert stacho

this is just pure amazeballs. it looks like a freaking frozen wave. imagine a print like this, or anything really, i just want to dive into this icy-glass water. 


to end it all, or begin really:

perception VIII by peter bremers

i hope you enjoyed this bit of glass, let me know what you think.

this has been your monday dose of culture.



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