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today we're going back in time, to holidays, cause i don't want to show you the other post i'm working on yet, sozz.

as tradition states, i have to go to london right? 
so i did, with my mum and it was well fun. 
the original reason was the mcqueen exhibit in v&a. 
i'm a massive fan of his works, have been for years so i couldn't waste the opportunity to see the biggest retrospect yet. 

t'was the end of july, beautiful weather. we went to bath, one of my favourite towns in britain. if you have the opportunity, get a train ticket and go. it's very picturesque and there are a few things well worth seeing. my favourite is probably the fashion museum and the roman baths. the museum has some iconic pieces, and lots of additional info on the audio guide, if you're interested in historic wear it's a must. they had a tiny exhibit focusing on georgian times, i never knew there were so many trends back then!

every time i'm in the uk i go on a quest for cool makeup. there are some brands that are not available here but there, they're super popular. sleek, makeup revolution, collection - just to name a few. i should do a makeup collection post someday... since i can say i do this 'professionally', i have quite a lot of weird stuffs. this time i went for a sleek palette with greens, and i immediately had to try it out, of course.
finally, mcqueen. and to my both dismay and pleasure, photography and sketching was forbidden, so all i have is my memory and the two 3 lbs albums sneaked through airport security. just know i spent nearly 2 hours in a seven room exhibition and it was magnificent.
and i got butterflies for my green hair
australian art was next. here, we don't really have that much of foreign art, even if, it's european. i've never been to australia, it's so far away, but the native culture seems fascinating. the british museum exhibit was so interesting! i never knew there were so many different tribes and traditions, the mythology is fascinating. that's one thing that definitely sets apart a culture, the mythology and mysticism. i wish there was a way to bring them all to life. the exhibit also showed the awful reality of the natives in todays world. the fact that they couldn't vote when i was a little kid makes me nauseous, it's a civilised country, right?
the last big thing was zuza's visit! we haven't seen each other in months and it was all so spontaneous! we went to see the sonia delaunay exhibit in tate modern, one of the best things ever. i'm sure i've heard of her husband, robert delaunay, a famous cubist. but it turns out that sonia was just as good as he was, if not better! she opened her own fashion house, introduced cubic patterns and inventions into garments, did costumes and textiles! it's just a shame that there weren't any postcards (they couldn't get the permission, how??? it's tate freaking modern!). what i'm saying is that i plan to look into her works more in the future so next year i'll probably come back to her.
that is us, shot from the most flattering angle, i know
this was written on a door in a bathroom, very poetic

to sum it up, i had so much fun, great, 10 out of 10, would recommend ;)

i hope you enjoyed this little travelog as much as i did.

this has been your monday pick-me-up.



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  1. It was so great to meet in London!! I keep our Polaroid selfie in my purse ever since :*


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