today i come to you dressed in my floral apron. why do you ask? i've been going about this idea in my head that i could show you some of my baking. those who know me in real life for sure noticed my sweet tooth and kitchen 'talents', i like to give treats as presents, that sort of thing. i've heard that they are quite good and there are even some people who are willing to pay me to do that... but let's not get ahead of ourselves,

today, for absolutely free, i'll show you my recipe for cocoa cupcakes.

what you'll need

- 40g of cocoa powder (i use m&s brand)
- 100ml of milk
- 2 eggs
- 80ml of sunflower seed oil
- 1 tsp of vanilla extract
- 200g of caster sugar
- 100g of all-purpose flour
- 1/2 tsp of baking powder
- 1/2 tsp of baking soda

- 12 piece cupcake tin
- cupcake liners
- 2 bowls
and some other stuff

let's get down to business

1. get all the ingredients to room temperature and heat up your oven to 180* C
2. heat up the milk and slowly start adding the cocoa powder, try to not get any lumps because later on it's a pain
3. measure out all of your 'wet' ingredients (eggs, oil, vanilla, sugar) and mix
4. once the cocoa mixture is ready, let it cool down and mix it in

5. measure out the 'dry' stuff (flour, soda, baking powder) and mix

6. add the dry to the wet, use a whisk, easy-peasy

7. liners to the tin! hop! fill'em up! (get a cup with a pourer, trust me)

8. burn babies, burn (or at least rise, 23-25 minutes are perfect, check with a stick)

let cool and enjoy!



if you want

- 100g of softened butter
- 200g of powdered sugar
- as many sprinkles etc. as you want! or fresh fruit!

beat the butter and sugar until smooth (use a stand mixer or prepare for a long process)

decorate as you want! here are some of mine:

i'm really proud of this post, first time making gifs and all that. i hope you liked it, even if you don't bake, let me know :]

this was your monday sweetness 




what i did

i miss this thing lately so here i am, new kicks and all.

i'm working on a couple of projects, for myself, school and others. costumes for theatre (hopefully) will guest star here eventually, light day project is definitely staring and here as a feature till december, socks are in the archive for now, i feel like i should just wait these couple of weeks and start from the correct date to avoid confusion (for myself mostly).

i'm 19 now, in my final year of school, preparing for the bigger future. i really want to post more photos but i don't really have the time for my dslr... my phone will have to do, it's quite good.

i was wondering.... would you like to see more looks or tutorials (diy and makeup), cause i want to focus on one but i don't know which one!

i've been listening to this on repeat:

missy elliott's part is so addicting.

hope you still like me

cause i love you a lot