let's go back in time again, cracow. one of my favourite cities ever, lots of history and great places to eat, sleep and have fun. eat for sure, i'm a big foodie. it's not that far away from here and i can't control myself when it comes to great exhibits so i find myself going there again and again. anyway, this june it kind of became an asian trip, two great exhibits of chinese art and japanese textiles. oh, and mocak (modern art). 

this time i had my dslr so the photos are quality. 
the chinese exhibit in the national museum was probably the only planned thing and i loved it. it turns out that polish museums have a lot of far eastern art but it's hidden away in thousands of storage rooms. it's really sad for me personally, i'm fascinated by their detailed work, it's so different from european art, and i'm always up for new shows. in general, the works were amazing, just fix your lighting! i'm very annoyed by the fact that nobody seems to understand the simple fact that if you come to an exhibition, a paid one to be exact, you want to actually see the works in great light, enlightening, right? 
a good travel tip from me is to look up sometimes. we find ourselves looking down or just on our eye level but it's really worth the minimal effort to look up and notice. oh and watch out for funny faces.
on the last day, absolutely exhausted by the heat, we found ourselves in manggha, a japanese institute founded by a polish couple. they have an exhibition area there and the works are always stunning. the exhibition i came across there is still on and i can't recommend it enough (manggha). unfortunately, i couldn't take any photos but they wouldn't even come close to showing you the wonderful works of traditional japanese artists making and decorating fabric.

even though i don't think textiles are my thing, i always appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship in their decorations. the exhibit shows just that, stitching, dyeing, embroidering. the little video clips throughout the hall show the techniques in action, look at them peps.  
all that and i got a mood ring, so over all best trip. mum seems happy too :].

this is cracow part 1 cause i appeared there a few weeks later and had some adventures too, look out for that.

hope you're well,



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