let's start this going back thing with a throwback. i've been traveling around a bit lately, well, during those months i've been away from here. i started making a travel sketchbook cause i'm a hoarder of every.little.thing i can find, tickets, labels, stamps, drawings, photographs. while traveling i always have an instant camera on me so it all looks even cooler. also, i really like the feel of real photos (printed from my phone and dslr) so i'm good friends with the nearby photo parlour. oh, and sometimes i do little illustrations of particularly picturesque moments.

all of this comes back home with me and, using a bit of washi tape, i transform it into pages and pages of memories.

this chapter is about my trip to warsaw in the beginning of may. there was an exhibition of one of my favourite polish female painters, olga boznanska, so i couldn't resist a little escape from wroclaw. as you know, it's not my first time there but i still had a lot of new places to see.
warsaw by night
one of the most famous places in the capital is łazienki. it is a park with a royal past so you can see a lot of small buildings used by kings and their court. the whole place has an airy feel, especially when it gets darker you can almost feel the fairytale. there is a royal theatre on water, fountains here and there and lots of hidden paths.
one of the most surprising things about this park is its unusual fauna. if you're lucky you can see a few peacocks walking about. i was. so i drew one, majestically sitting on a sculpture. by the way, i never suspected those damn birds make such demonic noises! no wonder no king wants to live there anymore!
another place which is well worth the little walk from the city center is the gallery zachęta. they specialise in temporary exhibitions so check their website first but it's all very interesting, i promise. we went there to see cannibalism in art. in the past i've dealt with the topic of plagiarism in arts quite a lot so it was very interesting to see what the actual artists think. the problem is that there is a fine line between inspiration and copying, very fine line sometimes.
so this is my little report from one of my trips. i feel like most of them could be summarised just by the photos but i'll try my best to provide something for your brain too. although, don't get your hopes up, you know me too well for that.

i hope you enjoyed this tiny post, i'm trying to get back into the swing of things so excuse me.

next up, cracow pt. 1.



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