cracow part 2. this time with my dear dear bae ami. it turns out that she has never seen the great mariacki church so i had to fix that. i feel like such a nerd, but it is one of the most beautiful examples of european gothic architecture with the colourful interior and wit stwosz's famous altarpiece.
 some more food followed our visit to the mysterious underground and then the skies opened, spilling its contents over the whole city and, most importantly, us. it's a running thing in our travels, first day has to include a storm apparently. despite our best efforts, we stayed home, had some quality syrenka+sarenka wine-time and went to sleep.
 you know that feeling you get when your bedmate starts singing in her sleep?
 i now know ;)
more food
 the best pictures are the weirdest pictures.
sorry for your eye, asia. 
i hope you enjoyed this thing. last leftover stop is london but i feel like it's going to be a freaking essay.

hugs and kisses,



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