hłueh, dzieńdoberek

long time no see, eh? i'm very sorry, i really have to get back on track with a lot of stuff.

news first.

i got 98% on my cae exam! how cool is that?
it's an advanced english certificate, big deal for me.

other stuff include quite a lot of trips with photos so maybe expect that in some tbt posts.

wedding is coming, if i get permission, i'll post some photos here to, it's quite a big deal, organising it and all. i even got somebody to go with me!

sockabrate has been on hiatus since i last posted, i don't even wanna count the weeks i need to do, i feel like long time projects are not for me, really.

i was also thinking of writing polish translations for some posts, what do you think? i'm really proud of some of them but i shouldn't trust google translate to organise the text so that it makes at least a bit of sense. it may take a bit of time to translate all of them but there would always be the label if you need it.

i was also thinking of doing more illustration since i'm trying to draw a little more and still nature is boring after a while.

i don't know.

how are you??

love and see you soon,



  1. Dla mnie to na dole to nadal "gofr"XD jestes gofrem. ❤ jak dla mnie po angielsku lepiej, przynajmniej sie douczam :D gratuluje tak dobrze zdanego testu! :o ❤

    1. thank you! i'll continue in english then. miss you <3 gofr


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