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so you know that feeling when you have that moment to clear inspiration, luck and you just know you can do it. solve this equation, write that short story, draw that perfect picture. for me, that's one of the best feelings in the world. i feel so powerful and later so accomplished and happy. because i'm a big procrastinator and have some issues, it feels even better to have done something and actually be satisfied with it.

that's how i felt about the sockabrate series. even though i was late for most of the posts, let's be honest, and i didn't like some of the designs, i really felt like i was creating something new. i know that there are countless designs of the market, in fact i own loads, but i've never seen my ideas, obvs.

unfortunately, that wonderful feeling of creating didn't last the test of research. by accident really. my cousin/sister is getting married this august and her fiance needs socks. the wedding is going to be forest/rustic themed so the socks are going to match, little trees or forest animals. so i looked for those online. ehhh... and there i was on websites that have basically every possible thing on socks. including designs that were almost identical to mine.

self-esteem minus 9000.

that's why i wasn't posting a while back. it really ruined my inspiration. i still don't feel too good, thinking about it. i'll still try to think of something original and probably not do any research cause that just brings me down but it takes time.

do any of you struggle with that? it's probably easier if you're painting a nature mort or sketching, cause you're trying to be realistic but when creating something new...

do you have any tips or tricks to stay creative and sure when you have to inspiration?

i don't know, really.

hope you enjoyed nonetheless.



p.s. real sockabrate is coming, i have some designs.

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