week 26

hi again.

next portion cause i'm on a roll.

 unfortunately i don't have a dog.
but i know some and they all love treats. 
i have a recipe for scooby snacks
if you want it, i can make a baking thing,
i bake sometimes.

salsa chips. 
comes in guacamole green too.

clam chowdah, nothing without clams!
i don't know,
i've never tried it.
but i do like the shell print.

for hot feet.
not my problem, ever.
ice as feet always great.

eeee... i don't really like those.
couldn't figure out how to draw the seeds better,
but i like the idea of bigger strawberries.
i do already have a pair with berries
but they are really small.

 i was gonna do a design for another celebration
but i turns out that there is no other
sword-related holiday and i am
quite fond of such weapon
so here is this one.
and i wanted to do something
with silver and violet.

a sweet little piggy with 3d ears.
sorry you're a little muddy but my pen did a thing.

hope you enjoyed this,

and see you thursday!



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