week 21


another tbt of sockabrate.

imagine socks, or anything really,
made of self-healing
bubble wrap.
appreciate the bubble wrap.

 baking themes continue.
chocolate cake with chocolate

 i love those, as in socks.
pancakes are way to much effort for breakfast
for me, i''m super lazy.

 based on rubik's cube colours.
because... you get it?
it's a puzzle...?
i'll show myself out.

breakfast week apparently here.
croissants are great, buttery pastries that are made
of wonders. basic french thing,
coffee and a croissant.

 i was going for a backward sock,
as in you put it on backwards.
i feel like it looks really original,
just the making part would be probably
quite difficult.

when i did my paradise dress
i researched quite a lot
into scales so i thought
it was only acceptable i did a sock
like that too.
imagine it being slightly iridescent.

hope you liked this post,

i'm feeling so good with all those new ones i've made,

i'm really glad you are all here



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