week 20


long time no see, eh?
what am i, canadian now?

anyway, here is, in true queenofrainbow fashion, a late tbt post. i'm late with a throw back, dear god...

 silver... eee, what are these called?
tabs? yes, tabs. 
i think ''bigger then usual''
size looks so
much more interesting with these.

 are you aware of penguins?
i hope so because they are the best.
just don't watch 
''march of the penguins''
with non-waterproof

 i hate this one.
i hate it.
nothing more to say about that.

 ''fire can't kill a dragon'',
 but hot sauce sure can, daenerys.

 want a piece of apple cinnamon 
too bad i can't send you some.
have a sock instead,
just... don't eat it,

peanut butter love.
i am really, truly,
sorry for those of you
who are allergic...
it's really good.

such a cool holiday, right?
this one is made to look like it's
inside out.
you know, the furry argyle bits,
the reversed colours.
i think this is my favourite one this week.
and it'll keep monsters away,
just like the chronicles of spiderwick said.

hope you enjoyed,

actual this weeks post coming up in a few hours
cause i'm in the zone.



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