week 21


another tbt of sockabrate.

imagine socks, or anything really,
made of self-healing
bubble wrap.
appreciate the bubble wrap.

 baking themes continue.
chocolate cake with chocolate

 i love those, as in socks.
pancakes are way to much effort for breakfast
for me, i''m super lazy.

 based on rubik's cube colours.
because... you get it?
it's a puzzle...?
i'll show myself out.

breakfast week apparently here.
croissants are great, buttery pastries that are made
of wonders. basic french thing,
coffee and a croissant.

 i was going for a backward sock,
as in you put it on backwards.
i feel like it looks really original,
just the making part would be probably
quite difficult.

when i did my paradise dress
i researched quite a lot
into scales so i thought
it was only acceptable i did a sock
like that too.
imagine it being slightly iridescent.

hope you liked this post,

i'm feeling so good with all those new ones i've made,

i'm really glad you are all here




week 26

hi again.

next portion cause i'm on a roll.

 unfortunately i don't have a dog.
but i know some and they all love treats. 
i have a recipe for scooby snacks
if you want it, i can make a baking thing,
i bake sometimes.

salsa chips. 
comes in guacamole green too.

clam chowdah, nothing without clams!
i don't know,
i've never tried it.
but i do like the shell print.

for hot feet.
not my problem, ever.
ice as feet always great.

eeee... i don't really like those.
couldn't figure out how to draw the seeds better,
but i like the idea of bigger strawberries.
i do already have a pair with berries
but they are really small.

 i was gonna do a design for another celebration
but i turns out that there is no other
sword-related holiday and i am
quite fond of such weapon
so here is this one.
and i wanted to do something
with silver and violet.

a sweet little piggy with 3d ears.
sorry you're a little muddy but my pen did a thing.

hope you enjoyed this,

and see you thursday!




week 20


long time no see, eh?
what am i, canadian now?

anyway, here is, in true queenofrainbow fashion, a late tbt post. i'm late with a throw back, dear god...

 silver... eee, what are these called?
tabs? yes, tabs. 
i think ''bigger then usual''
size looks so
much more interesting with these.

 are you aware of penguins?
i hope so because they are the best.
just don't watch 
''march of the penguins''
with non-waterproof

 i hate this one.
i hate it.
nothing more to say about that.

 ''fire can't kill a dragon'',
 but hot sauce sure can, daenerys.

 want a piece of apple cinnamon 
too bad i can't send you some.
have a sock instead,
just... don't eat it,

peanut butter love.
i am really, truly,
sorry for those of you
who are allergic...
it's really good.

such a cool holiday, right?
this one is made to look like it's
inside out.
you know, the furry argyle bits,
the reversed colours.
i think this is my favourite one this week.
and it'll keep monsters away,
just like the chronicles of spiderwick said.

hope you enjoyed,

actual this weeks post coming up in a few hours
cause i'm in the zone.