week 25


let's get started.

this week is a bit simpler, some of these are more of an association game.

 this is a pretty obvious one.
light, mind, creativity

 you know, he's famous for films with explosions?
i don't know, i don't usually do 
birthdays but i couldn't find anything good
for this day.
those explosions aren't even that cool...

 inspired by wines colours.
you can't really see the light ones,
but believe me it's there.

mint chocolate is probably in my 5 top chocolates.
and that's saying a lot,
since i can't be stopped with chocolate. 
now that i think of it,
it looks more like soil.

 i'm really proud of that one.
it looks a bit more cherry like
in real life but i'm shit
at editing.

love them, want them on
my feet (not literally obviously)

saint lucia's doesn't look like that.
but it has these colours in this ratio,
so i decided to make some simple stripes. 
i haven't seen this combo before.

so there you go.

hope you enjoyed, see you thursday.



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