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i know, it's been a while. i'm sorry but i got into a big hole and couldn't get out.
but now i can write a post about inspiration, the idea of getting a vision out of other stuff, sometimes other people's work. i don't think i'm going to get into that right now but soon. anyway.

i'm back. i know i'm a month behind on the socks but i think i have a good idea on how to catch up. i'll be posting sockabrate for 4 weeks twice a week, each sunday the current week and on thursday, throwback thursday, i'll show you one of the missing weeks.

recently, i started to take my makeup a bit more seriously so, since i am a makeup art student, would you like to see something like that? maybe not special effects because gore might not be your thing but an occasional product review or a simple look, step by step? i want to get better at editing photos so maybe i could start with that?

on the other hand, i should draw more. next school year i have to do my diploma presentation, it's going to be kind of like my the other side of patchwork project but like 10 times as big. i already started thinking about what should i do, you know, marrying costume and makeup. maybe i should try to out up some sketches? to be fair, i don't have any.

my sister's dress has it's chosen lace and lining but i'm not the one sewing it (fortunately! it would turn out awful) so the freshest info is going to drop mid march. oh god, i really am a 40-year old woman who tries to be hip. what have i become.

i am going to post my thoughts on visions later this week, i have to focus on what i want to say, i feel like it's an important subject and since sometimes it's very had to deal with lack of inspiration, i want to express my opinion about it.

i hope you're all well and still want to read my stuff, i just wasn't feeling well at all. still am but now i want to sort it out a bit.

i'm looking forward to new content,



p.s. taco cat, tac ocat

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