week 19


sockabrate returns!

 remember your first drawings? 
the sky is always blue, sun's yellow
and in the corner and you have squiggly lines as birds.
why not put them on your feet?

 i know it's a religious holiday but i like
the idea of the three kings.
put on some solid crowns,
ideally in different colours in the pack.
oh, maybe i would sell them
in threes so you can have different 
like three different colours for a king each!

 i don't even know,
this looks more like sand in macro shots
than any type of rocks.
but imagine this as a print rather 
than knitted.

 for a couple of days (nights to be honest)
i've been obsessed with this type of illustration,
lots of lines.
it results in two nights per page but worth it.
and it would look great actually knitted.

 i wish i could draw the pits better.
the idea is a sea of apricot with pits inside.

i don't know why but when i think of people,
i mostly think of eyes.
as eyes are the window to the soul, glasses
would be a bit of a mirror. peculiar
people would probably have extraordinary
eyes and glasses.
a bit psychedelic too.

this is just the simplest thing.
i think a pure blank sock in the pair
would be great.

sorry for the mild delay, other things happening!

hope you liked this post,



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