week 17 and 18


as a late christmas/new year's gift from me to you i'm releasing my next week early :]

 ok, so this is really cool. this is a day
in honour of srinivasa ramanujan.
he basically taught himself and discovered
new math thing all on his own, totally
independently. how bad ass is that?

my kind of holiday. 
they make all kinds of things out of radishes.
sculptures ready-to-eat!

i rarely talk religion on here but here we go.
even though, i'm not religious at all i celebrate christmas.
it's a nice chance to get the family together 
and eat great food.
where i live we celebrate on christmas eve rather
than christmas day, that's why presents are here.
btw, do you get the 'what i got for christmas' trend
on youtube? cause i simply don't.

since the presents are already opened, i focus
on stuffing my face. generally i'm pescatarian,
but this is the only thing i make an exception for,
my mom's salad.
it's the best thing in the world, i can eat it
forever. when the biggest bowl in the house is empty,
i know it's the end of the holiday season.
(there is still some left though)

candy cane in the shape of boxes.
is that still candy cane?
probably not but i don't really care.
i love this geometrical design.

i feel like there is not enough socks with glitter
thread in them so this is silver snowflake heaven.
fell free to add more glitter.

this is for all those card players.
they probably give you good fortune.
i hope.

i love vintage clocks and watches, they
seem to be, oh irony, timelessly elegant.
so here is my tribute to them.

the short summary: i don't eat bacon.
as a result i don't know how to draw it.
cheap excuse alert.

so obvious yet so festive.
i wish there were more holidays that use fireworks.
they are somehow magical and i love all the colours.
btw, look in to the chemistry of these, fascinating.

how cute is this?
i was inspired by a cupcake design and it worked out so good!
yes, i am aware that polar bears don't look or swim like that.
and that this is not the point of the day but it's
a fun play on words, come on!

first it sort of looked like something out of steam-punk,
but i added glow in the dark stripes,
silver and it sort of looks like a robot leg...?
i don't know.

colourful drinking straws are the best,
but i wouldn't recommend making those
socks out of actual ones.
probably really plastic feeling, and not sanitary.
stare in to the middle of my sock... and be a chicken!
...that sounds weird...

these were probably two of the craziest weeks yet, but let's see what 2015 brings!



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