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very late but i really want to share with you the rest of my csm experience this december. 

on thursday we went to a different space near whitechapel. as you can see they pretty much look like a bigger version of my room, doing basically everything, from paper crafts and print to sculpture.

but we went to try screen printing. i've never done that before, i just sorta had an idea what it is. but it turns out it's so much fun! i wish i could do more of it now, like on a regular basis.
for those of you that don't know what this is, let's get into it.
the whole point of this printing technique is working on a sieve.
you get a frame and on it you can sort of ''burn out'' a design. a machine uses an emulsion to block out everything except the lines, so you get the outline, as opposed to, for example, lino print. you get the frame, put it anywhere on fabric and choose you paint. when you finally get some paint, get two spoonfuls of it and get a squeegee! how cute is this word?! somebody helps you and holds down the frame, you squeegee the paint down and you're good! done!

 designs and endless photocopies
 and so much drying... so much drying
i really hope some of you get to try out screen printing, it's easy, you just have to remember the steps and you're golden. 

next part coming soon.




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