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today, let's go back to december, london, csm course.

as i said here and here, it was all a lot of fun but we had a project to make in the end.

so here is a summary of mine.

here is what i started with. we did some drawings, ''sculptures'', thingamajigs...

 i especially like that one.

we also explored more inspirations, used more drawings.

my wall.

back at the dormitory i did some more experimenting, focusing more on the bug theme.

those are glue strings, it was a nightmare to do.

next we did some yarn wrappings, it's more about the colour palette, textures that can be used. i was mostly inspired by the iridescent bugs.

 bug colours.
 sock colours.
 all together.

so, then i moved on to other parts, such as the screen print. i'm very proud of those designs, imagine using them for silk ties, blazers, scarfs...

i'm feeling especially good about this one:
maybe i'll do something with it in the future...

and that's mostly it. there are a few more things, but i'll drop them later. some of the techniques were very interesting as i said again and again. i would love to do more of mechanical knitting, maybe i'll try to track down a machine for that...
i'm kinda happy with how it turned out but if there is one thing i found out on this course is that the speciality in textiles is not for me. there is no actual final product, you can always add more. i would prefer to make use of the fabric, make costumes, sew with them... i guess i'll do everything :].

i hope you enjoyed that, let me know what you think.



btw: socks are coming tomorrow, i can't find the notebook.

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