birds of paradise


a while ago i realised that i have some posts that i started to write or have photos for but never actually posted. most of the time it's just to late for them to be relevant (i'm horrible with timing, as we all know). but i want to post them anyway.
so very originally i want to start a 'whenever-i-feel-like-it' throwback thursday series.

we start with a summer antwerp post. as you know, the main thing i wanted to see there was the 'birds of paradise' exhibition at momu (website: momu). i loved this exhibit, it was everything i hoped for it to be. i've used feathers and bird themes a lot, still do. those animals are a bit magical to me, all the colours and, come on, they can fly! like, on their own! i'm very inspired by mcqueen's designs but i wanted to discover new ideas by others.
there were some historic pieces, like feather fans used by the belgium royal family
a uk based artist, kate mccgwire, she uses common
birds' feathers, like pigeons and crows, on some sort of frame.
the shapes are very organic, and beautiful.
i know it's out of focus, the lighting there wasn't very good for photos,
but look at the colours!
it's the famous marlene dietrich's swan feather coat!
and mcqueen's oyster dress!
chanel classic, in birds.
look at those intricate designs!

the exhibit featured works from chanel, yves saint laurent, dior, balenciaga. but there were also some less know names, belgian local Ann Demeulemeester. if you want to know more, check here: wmagazine.com and blog.momu.be.

it was one of the best exhibitions i've ever seen and this comes from a person who has seen a fair share of v&a works, also the best ones. i even bough the book, rarely do that, they are heavy! i might do a master post of feather history, it's very interesting from what i know. let me know what you think :]

hope you enjoyed this,



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