bug girl


today, let's go back to december, london, csm course.

as i said here and here, it was all a lot of fun but we had a project to make in the end.

so here is a summary of mine.

here is what i started with. we did some drawings, ''sculptures'', thingamajigs...

 i especially like that one.

we also explored more inspirations, used more drawings.

my wall.

back at the dormitory i did some more experimenting, focusing more on the bug theme.

those are glue strings, it was a nightmare to do.

next we did some yarn wrappings, it's more about the colour palette, textures that can be used. i was mostly inspired by the iridescent bugs.

 bug colours.
 sock colours.
 all together.

so, then i moved on to other parts, such as the screen print. i'm very proud of those designs, imagine using them for silk ties, blazers, scarfs...

i'm feeling especially good about this one:
maybe i'll do something with it in the future...

and that's mostly it. there are a few more things, but i'll drop them later. some of the techniques were very interesting as i said again and again. i would love to do more of mechanical knitting, maybe i'll try to track down a machine for that...
i'm kinda happy with how it turned out but if there is one thing i found out on this course is that the speciality in textiles is not for me. there is no actual final product, you can always add more. i would prefer to make use of the fabric, make costumes, sew with them... i guess i'll do everything :].

i hope you enjoyed that, let me know what you think.



btw: socks are coming tomorrow, i can't find the notebook.


week 19


sockabrate returns!

 remember your first drawings? 
the sky is always blue, sun's yellow
and in the corner and you have squiggly lines as birds.
why not put them on your feet?

 i know it's a religious holiday but i like
the idea of the three kings.
put on some solid crowns,
ideally in different colours in the pack.
oh, maybe i would sell them
in threes so you can have different 
like three different colours for a king each!

 i don't even know,
this looks more like sand in macro shots
than any type of rocks.
but imagine this as a print rather 
than knitted.

 for a couple of days (nights to be honest)
i've been obsessed with this type of illustration,
lots of lines.
it results in two nights per page but worth it.
and it would look great actually knitted.

 i wish i could draw the pits better.
the idea is a sea of apricot with pits inside.

i don't know why but when i think of people,
i mostly think of eyes.
as eyes are the window to the soul, glasses
would be a bit of a mirror. peculiar
people would probably have extraordinary
eyes and glasses.
a bit psychedelic too.

this is just the simplest thing.
i think a pure blank sock in the pair
would be great.

sorry for the mild delay, other things happening!

hope you liked this post,




birds of paradise


a while ago i realised that i have some posts that i started to write or have photos for but never actually posted. most of the time it's just to late for them to be relevant (i'm horrible with timing, as we all know). but i want to post them anyway.
so very originally i want to start a 'whenever-i-feel-like-it' throwback thursday series.

we start with a summer antwerp post. as you know, the main thing i wanted to see there was the 'birds of paradise' exhibition at momu (website: momu). i loved this exhibit, it was everything i hoped for it to be. i've used feathers and bird themes a lot, still do. those animals are a bit magical to me, all the colours and, come on, they can fly! like, on their own! i'm very inspired by mcqueen's designs but i wanted to discover new ideas by others.
there were some historic pieces, like feather fans used by the belgium royal family
a uk based artist, kate mccgwire, she uses common
birds' feathers, like pigeons and crows, on some sort of frame.
the shapes are very organic, and beautiful.
i know it's out of focus, the lighting there wasn't very good for photos,
but look at the colours!
it's the famous marlene dietrich's swan feather coat!
and mcqueen's oyster dress!
chanel classic, in birds.
look at those intricate designs!

the exhibit featured works from chanel, yves saint laurent, dior, balenciaga. but there were also some less know names, belgian local Ann Demeulemeester. if you want to know more, check here: wmagazine.com and blog.momu.be.

it was one of the best exhibitions i've ever seen and this comes from a person who has seen a fair share of v&a works, also the best ones. i even bough the book, rarely do that, they are heavy! i might do a master post of feather history, it's very interesting from what i know. let me know what you think :]

hope you enjoyed this,




karaluchy pod poduchy

is this real? a new post?


very late but i really want to share with you the rest of my csm experience this december. 

on thursday we went to a different space near whitechapel. as you can see they pretty much look like a bigger version of my room, doing basically everything, from paper crafts and print to sculpture.

but we went to try screen printing. i've never done that before, i just sorta had an idea what it is. but it turns out it's so much fun! i wish i could do more of it now, like on a regular basis.
for those of you that don't know what this is, let's get into it.
the whole point of this printing technique is working on a sieve.
you get a frame and on it you can sort of ''burn out'' a design. a machine uses an emulsion to block out everything except the lines, so you get the outline, as opposed to, for example, lino print. you get the frame, put it anywhere on fabric and choose you paint. when you finally get some paint, get two spoonfuls of it and get a squeegee! how cute is this word?! somebody helps you and holds down the frame, you squeegee the paint down and you're good! done!

 designs and endless photocopies
 and so much drying... so much drying
i really hope some of you get to try out screen printing, it's easy, you just have to remember the steps and you're golden. 

next part coming soon.