week 16


sorry i'm late but here is sockabrate - watercolour week.

 it's actually my cousin's birthday on this day
and she loves cats, so it's very on point :].

 the best day, grab some chocolate and melt it. 
and just dip everything!

 a maple leaf smothered in maple syrup.

 cookie dough on your legs,
minus the gross sticky mess.
it still sounds gross, i should've done
another cookie design...

if you make it out of fluffy yarn it'll
actually look like a tree. or at least 
i hope.

 to be honest
i have no idea what this design is.
i just mixed every game i could think of.

this one i'm most proud of.
i'm not into doctor who but i thought 
since lots of my friends are, i should
do something with it.
and it's in different colour combos!

again, i'm sorry this is late.
but since the winter break is here, i'll have more time.
next csm post coming.

hope you enjoyed,



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