week 15


it's on time! 
 i love this design. 
after thinking, maybe it's not the best for a sock,
but imagine a t-shirt or a tank top with
that watch.

 it's just vibes man...

 i couldn't really find a cool holiday 
for this day...
who do i call if i want a new holiday?
socks day?

 for all you adventurers out there.
i don't really like hiking 
but mountain views do this thing to me,
i just can't look away.

 let's say it's more inspired by this.
and it's not even a flower but i feel like christmas would
not be the same without them.
very elegant, i want one.

 yes, i am aware that the gingerbread man 
looks like he's possessed, that was the point.

emojis attack!

hope you enjoy, next week is going to be socks-watercolour edition.

oh, yeah.. btw i'm in london!
textile art course.



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