week 13 and 14

hello lovely people

i'm so sorry for being so late with this post but the semester here is ending and i've got a crap load of work for school.
but let's find time for socks. it's always a good time for socks.

 you have a neanderthal peeking out from your shoe!

 a parfait is a parfait way to start your day.
i have this cool bistro near my house and sometimes 
i go there for weekend breakfast there,
they have the best granola and french toast.

 the cake is not a lie today

i didn't know how to freaking draw the
weird feeling you get when you sit on your leg too long.
so here is literal pins and needles.

 i love those!
and i love corn so that's great too :]

 so relevant, i know, but i like envelopes.

 barbados's flags for your feet!

 apples that look like dots,
dots that look like apples.

 i guess i'm doing a series within a series.
there is just a lot of countries,
a lot of flags and a lot of independence days.

yes, i am aware that they look a bit like
scales but just think about it.
they naturally look like that.

the best day.
suggestion, they should be fluffy.

sneaky ninja from your shoe.
it will protect you cankles.

 a santa sock for yourself. with a detachable pom-pom.
it's the type you can walk in and don't slide.
and the santa is basically for yourself cause
you should treat yourself over christmas. 

lovely, i like cotton candy.
of course the idea of it is much better,
sticky sugar stuff all over your face, hands
and stuck to the roof of your mouth.
but still, you can't have a fair
without it.

i hope your head didn't explode from my amazing art.

enjoy your week, the socks are back on track.



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