i know that it's probably quite late for that but i want to give you a little summary of my textile arts short course in central saint martins. 
so... i wanted to know more about textiles, design them, make them, you know learn how to knit and all that. and so i did. here: link!

first day we started with a tour of the building (i've only ever been to the library so it was quite cool), then we drew, drew and drew.
i'm used to drawing (2,5 hours at once) but it wasn't standard drawing. Taz, i hope this is correct, a student at csm textiles, gave us tasks  like blind drawing, drawing with your left hand, using different mediums.
look at this, isn't it neat?

we did lots of research into our own collections. of course i brought socks, 15 pairs of different ones to be precise. i don't even know how i got from socks to bugs (spoiler, that was my main project), but i started with some lighting bolts and silver thread from one of my feet sweaters.

others focused on what was dear to them, childhood toys, baubles, family photos. emma did some of her mother's jewellery, charlotte did some ticket drawings from her notebook. anyway, productive and it was only the begging.

next one: actual textiles, yarn stuff and screen print and knitting! it was so cool!

hope you enjoyed, socks are coming later today.

hugs for the textiles crew if you're reading.



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