cubs in cows?


imagine an endless supply of cool hats, all different colours, sizes, designs...

that's what fanatics is. they inspired me to create two different looks, i wanted to use one of their mlb hats.

soo.... at first i didn't know how to approach this, i'm not sporty at all, i have no knowledge what so ever about american football or soccer. so i just went with my gut.

i picked this beauty:

who wouldn't though, it's a cow with glasses on!

i want to have it...

ok anyway, as you can see you have to be quite brave and confident to pull that of, but i think i did a pretty good job.

here are my two looks:

you have to say that they are pretty sweet

i would wear these, definitely, and everybody should own a weird hat!
hipster cow? yes please!

if you want to get a hat for yourself hit up http://www.fanatics.com/. they have loads, you can find something, even if you're not into sports at all!




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