week 16


sorry i'm late but here is sockabrate - watercolour week.

 it's actually my cousin's birthday on this day
and she loves cats, so it's very on point :].

 the best day, grab some chocolate and melt it. 
and just dip everything!

 a maple leaf smothered in maple syrup.

 cookie dough on your legs,
minus the gross sticky mess.
it still sounds gross, i should've done
another cookie design...

if you make it out of fluffy yarn it'll
actually look like a tree. or at least 
i hope.

 to be honest
i have no idea what this design is.
i just mixed every game i could think of.

this one i'm most proud of.
i'm not into doctor who but i thought 
since lots of my friends are, i should
do something with it.
and it's in different colour combos!

again, i'm sorry this is late.
but since the winter break is here, i'll have more time.
next csm post coming.

hope you enjoyed,






i know that it's probably quite late for that but i want to give you a little summary of my textile arts short course in central saint martins. 
so... i wanted to know more about textiles, design them, make them, you know learn how to knit and all that. and so i did. here: link!

first day we started with a tour of the building (i've only ever been to the library so it was quite cool), then we drew, drew and drew.
i'm used to drawing (2,5 hours at once) but it wasn't standard drawing. Taz, i hope this is correct, a student at csm textiles, gave us tasks  like blind drawing, drawing with your left hand, using different mediums.
look at this, isn't it neat?

we did lots of research into our own collections. of course i brought socks, 15 pairs of different ones to be precise. i don't even know how i got from socks to bugs (spoiler, that was my main project), but i started with some lighting bolts and silver thread from one of my feet sweaters.

others focused on what was dear to them, childhood toys, baubles, family photos. emma did some of her mother's jewellery, charlotte did some ticket drawings from her notebook. anyway, productive and it was only the begging.

next one: actual textiles, yarn stuff and screen print and knitting! it was so cool!

hope you enjoyed, socks are coming later today.

hugs for the textiles crew if you're reading.




cubs in cows?


imagine an endless supply of cool hats, all different colours, sizes, designs...

that's what fanatics is. they inspired me to create two different looks, i wanted to use one of their mlb hats.

soo.... at first i didn't know how to approach this, i'm not sporty at all, i have no knowledge what so ever about american football or soccer. so i just went with my gut.

i picked this beauty:

who wouldn't though, it's a cow with glasses on!

i want to have it...

ok anyway, as you can see you have to be quite brave and confident to pull that of, but i think i did a pretty good job.

here are my two looks:

you have to say that they are pretty sweet

i would wear these, definitely, and everybody should own a weird hat!
hipster cow? yes please!

if you want to get a hat for yourself hit up http://www.fanatics.com/. they have loads, you can find something, even if you're not into sports at all!




week 15


it's on time! 
 i love this design. 
after thinking, maybe it's not the best for a sock,
but imagine a t-shirt or a tank top with
that watch.

 it's just vibes man...

 i couldn't really find a cool holiday 
for this day...
who do i call if i want a new holiday?
socks day?

 for all you adventurers out there.
i don't really like hiking 
but mountain views do this thing to me,
i just can't look away.

 let's say it's more inspired by this.
and it's not even a flower but i feel like christmas would
not be the same without them.
very elegant, i want one.

 yes, i am aware that the gingerbread man 
looks like he's possessed, that was the point.

emojis attack!

hope you enjoy, next week is going to be socks-watercolour edition.

oh, yeah.. btw i'm in london!
textile art course.




week 13 and 14

hello lovely people

i'm so sorry for being so late with this post but the semester here is ending and i've got a crap load of work for school.
but let's find time for socks. it's always a good time for socks.

 you have a neanderthal peeking out from your shoe!

 a parfait is a parfait way to start your day.
i have this cool bistro near my house and sometimes 
i go there for weekend breakfast there,
they have the best granola and french toast.

 the cake is not a lie today

i didn't know how to freaking draw the
weird feeling you get when you sit on your leg too long.
so here is literal pins and needles.

 i love those!
and i love corn so that's great too :]

 so relevant, i know, but i like envelopes.

 barbados's flags for your feet!

 apples that look like dots,
dots that look like apples.

 i guess i'm doing a series within a series.
there is just a lot of countries,
a lot of flags and a lot of independence days.

yes, i am aware that they look a bit like
scales but just think about it.
they naturally look like that.

the best day.
suggestion, they should be fluffy.

sneaky ninja from your shoe.
it will protect you cankles.

 a santa sock for yourself. with a detachable pom-pom.
it's the type you can walk in and don't slide.
and the santa is basically for yourself cause
you should treat yourself over christmas. 

lovely, i like cotton candy.
of course the idea of it is much better,
sticky sugar stuff all over your face, hands
and stuck to the roof of your mouth.
but still, you can't have a fair
without it.

i hope your head didn't explode from my amazing art.

enjoy your week, the socks are back on track.