you don't need fireworks to make a show


has anybody seen the bjork extravaganza that is biophilia project?

i hope so, and if not you need to fix it right now. although not now exactly, cause the dvd of the london final concert is coming out later this month but at least listen to a few of my favourite tracks:

later on in the playlist there are some tracks from her previous albums, i just love them.

bjork makes a very alternative kind of sound. i've heard of her before, a few years ago she shook the icelandic and world wide music scene, but i never got the chance to listen to her actual tracks. 
my mum got us tickets for a retransmission of her live performance. i was very sceptical cause, come on, how good can a concert be if it's in a cinema? 

it was amazing

the production value was so good. the outfits were so good, the choir was so good, the special effects on the video were so good. so good.

i wish i could find some more photos from the actual performance but i guess they'll be available later.

but just look at this, the costumes are gorgeous. i already pre-ordered the dvd so there is probably going to be more on them.

ok, i don't know, i just wanted to show you my new obsession.

by the way, i was thinking of doing monthly favourites? yes, no?

till next time,



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