week 9


 new drawings for all your socks-y needs.

 so original i know. 
i love the old school marine themes so here
is my take on them. cute,
it looks like a children's sock.

 can't go wrong with mickey mouse.
although i'll probably never going to make one
cause of the copyright, it still deserves
a spot.

 i'm so used to internet everyday that i didn't even know 
what to do, i guess www domain
is a good choice for internet

 totally basic but i would certainly wear them.
unfortunately, i've never had the chance to taste
some candy corn, it's not available here. 
someone send me some??

 magic tricks are the best, and even though 
i hate the use of animals in such stuff
i can't help but appreciate the rabbit out of a hat.

i'm so pleased with that one, the gold
tip of the pen makes it i think.

i feel it is right.
i hope you understand.
i like to think of souls as little 
fireflies. or fire spirits.

how was your week?



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