week 12


socks are back

 something that unites us all right?

 first thing i thought about was that scene from the first
sherlock holmes film with rdj. 

 it's a very simple one and i think that sells it.
i think a whole series of very simple flags
would be very cool and suspiciously patriotic,
at least to my taste.

 fudge season is coming and it's great.
i think i'm going to make some this year,
maybe peanut butter? ;]

 a simple design, a simple message.
different colours available!!
(yes i am aware of the typo)

 it turns out the albanian language is this whole big thing
since it's a mix between loads of european tongues.
i took all the letters different from the english
alphabet. if you have some time to spare 
go look up this part of history.

and finally my favourite part of math.
fibonacci sequence is fascinating.
it goes like this 1,1,2,3,5,8,11 and so on,
the idea is that you add the two previous ones to get the next one.
funny thing, it applies to everything in nature. check the petals,
leaves, or even the times you sneeze at one time.
works every time pretty much.

i feel like this week was a bit more educational than usual. 
next week we're going back to ridiculousness.




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