week 11


sorry for being late, i had a crazy weekend.

 i didn't even know there is a wonderful holiday
like that. cookie monster is one of my favourite
characters ever so here is my tribute to this
loveable blu creature!

 i have this kid in my class, he loves origami, even does his
own designs. i can pretty much do the crane and that's it.
as to the socks, i imagine the other one being blue, i don't know why.

 again celebrating a country's origin. and i like stripes,
especially if they mean something.

 i know, so original. but it's a nice uplifting design,
you would smile if you notice somebody wearing those ;)

 i hate fresh cucumbers but pickles are great.
so have a pickle on your foot.

basically a fridge day. what...
although, imagine waiting for that one day
just to clean out your refrigerator.

this is probably the best. when i was a little girl
i loved making tea parties with my dolls and teddy bears.
i still have my tiny sets of teacups and little plates.
add some colourful banners and it's an ideal!

sorry again, hope you enjoyed!

see you soon,




  1. Sweet girl, maybe at the end of this project you should choose your favourite design and turn it into a knitting pattern?!

    Maybe I'm getting too excited?

    1. it would be far too difficult to choose my favourite one and you'll have to help me turning it into a design like that but sure why not? ;)


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