week 10


here is the next portion of my beautiful creations

 how cool is that day!?

 self explanatory really, the flag sort of wraps around
the foot.

 a pretty shitty representation of
fireworks, enjoy!

 the red-yellow flag is the flag of swedish people living
in finland. the other one is obvs finland's flag.
apparently it's a very big thing there,
they have a whole list of holidays
and celebrations involving flags.

 eee... looks a tad bit weird 
but i love chocolate

 soo cliché and pretty much overdone.
and i'm crap at drawing anatomy
so just imagine the bones are there.

i used to be very into drawing maps
and designing perfect cities
so this is quite a cool day.
of course there could be some more things
but you know, it's a sock so there 
is only so much details
on them.

there you go, my notebook is getting full. there is only enough space for one week.
weird, i don't think i've ever finished a notebook so quick.



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