"mum, this lady looks like she's dead''


so halloween is a thing.
and i did a costume. 

here is how.

my hair is washing off now and i wanted to incorporate that in my costume. unfortunately, that narrows down my choices a lot. the only blue-haired girls i know also have short hair. for a while i was considering being ramona flowers from scott pilgrim vs the world, but her hair is short too plus i'm not as badass as she is. so i decided to go for somebody a lot less realistic, corpse bride.

emily is the corpse bride from tim burton's film by the same title. it's a stop-motion animation but with little dolls. after reading that, it sound like a cute thing but it's about a dead-un-dead bride so it can't be that cute.

anyway, i love the style. inspirations:

as i am a makeup student after all, i started by experimenting with my face. that sounds wrong... this is a bit over the top but before i started with the outfit i was thinking of actually cosplaying.
 i wasn't feeling it so i decided to just be inspired by her. it turned out to be a good idea cause it is apparently very difficult to find a cheap wedding gown, who would have thought? it's actually hard to find a wedding gown, not even cheap.

early makeup trials:

as to the costume itself, i just went for something wedding like. i didn't have and couldn't find any long white dresses. i went through some white lacy night gowns but none really felt right. i found a very old skirt i used to wear all the time. it was perfect, white with different fabrics. i used a lot of old curtains, some white tights and long gloves. i dyed them with some purple and blue fabric dye i had from the galaxy projects we did a while back. i noticed she also has a flower crown so i made one myself. would you like to see a tutorial? i love making them, wish i had more time for them. so many possibilities.

let's see the finished look:

 these are some behind the scenes photos from my friend oh.how.lovely.

 and now some more pro ones from czuch:

 please ignore my face, you can see the full body shot.

 i am so happy with how it turned out! of course it's not as cool as some real cosplays of her but i did my best. the only downside was the fact i was so hot on my hands because of the gloves. the cool thing is that even when i didn't have the whole vail i looked scary and the kids around town had priceless faces.

"mum, this lady looks like she's dead''

and who were you on halloween this year?



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