10 lovelies

how popular do you have to be to have companies send you stuff?

cause you know, i wouldn't be mad if somebody did...
like socks? or... socks?

i could review them! and i promise i'll buy some for myself!

ok, the self portion of this post is over. i would like to thank you for visiting my blog.

i think there are about 10 people who actually view each and every post from the sockabrate series and for that i'm truly thankful. i'm putting my time into this and i'm glad somebody notices.

are you maybe considering commenting? i would love to talk to you, maybe you could give me some good and new ideas for my blog and future posts. maybe there is something that annoys you about the layout? i don't know...

i've been putting photos on my instagram a bit more often, some of my makeup looks are on there. since this blog has become a bit of everything not only fashion, maybe you would like some makeup related posts? like what i use, any recommendations or tutorials? just a suggestion.

on with my life,
homework is waiting, ugh

i hope to hear from you soon,



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