week 12


socks are back

 something that unites us all right?

 first thing i thought about was that scene from the first
sherlock holmes film with rdj. 

 it's a very simple one and i think that sells it.
i think a whole series of very simple flags
would be very cool and suspiciously patriotic,
at least to my taste.

 fudge season is coming and it's great.
i think i'm going to make some this year,
maybe peanut butter? ;]

 a simple design, a simple message.
different colours available!!
(yes i am aware of the typo)

 it turns out the albanian language is this whole big thing
since it's a mix between loads of european tongues.
i took all the letters different from the english
alphabet. if you have some time to spare 
go look up this part of history.

and finally my favourite part of math.
fibonacci sequence is fascinating.
it goes like this 1,1,2,3,5,8,11 and so on,
the idea is that you add the two previous ones to get the next one.
funny thing, it applies to everything in nature. check the petals,
leaves, or even the times you sneeze at one time.
works every time pretty much.

i feel like this week was a bit more educational than usual. 
next week we're going back to ridiculousness.





week 11


sorry for being late, i had a crazy weekend.

 i didn't even know there is a wonderful holiday
like that. cookie monster is one of my favourite
characters ever so here is my tribute to this
loveable blu creature!

 i have this kid in my class, he loves origami, even does his
own designs. i can pretty much do the crane and that's it.
as to the socks, i imagine the other one being blue, i don't know why.

 again celebrating a country's origin. and i like stripes,
especially if they mean something.

 i know, so original. but it's a nice uplifting design,
you would smile if you notice somebody wearing those ;)

 i hate fresh cucumbers but pickles are great.
so have a pickle on your foot.

basically a fridge day. what...
although, imagine waiting for that one day
just to clean out your refrigerator.

this is probably the best. when i was a little girl
i loved making tea parties with my dolls and teddy bears.
i still have my tiny sets of teacups and little plates.
add some colourful banners and it's an ideal!

sorry again, hope you enjoyed!

see you soon,




10 lovelies

how popular do you have to be to have companies send you stuff?

cause you know, i wouldn't be mad if somebody did...
like socks? or... socks?

i could review them! and i promise i'll buy some for myself!

ok, the self portion of this post is over. i would like to thank you for visiting my blog.

i think there are about 10 people who actually view each and every post from the sockabrate series and for that i'm truly thankful. i'm putting my time into this and i'm glad somebody notices.

are you maybe considering commenting? i would love to talk to you, maybe you could give me some good and new ideas for my blog and future posts. maybe there is something that annoys you about the layout? i don't know...

i've been putting photos on my instagram a bit more often, some of my makeup looks are on there. since this blog has become a bit of everything not only fashion, maybe you would like some makeup related posts? like what i use, any recommendations or tutorials? just a suggestion.

on with my life,
homework is waiting, ugh

i hope to hear from you soon,




week 10


here is the next portion of my beautiful creations

 how cool is that day!?

 self explanatory really, the flag sort of wraps around
the foot.

 a pretty shitty representation of
fireworks, enjoy!

 the red-yellow flag is the flag of swedish people living
in finland. the other one is obvs finland's flag.
apparently it's a very big thing there,
they have a whole list of holidays
and celebrations involving flags.

 eee... looks a tad bit weird 
but i love chocolate

 soo cliché and pretty much overdone.
and i'm crap at drawing anatomy
so just imagine the bones are there.

i used to be very into drawing maps
and designing perfect cities
so this is quite a cool day.
of course there could be some more things
but you know, it's a sock so there 
is only so much details
on them.

there you go, my notebook is getting full. there is only enough space for one week.
weird, i don't think i've ever finished a notebook so quick.




you don't need fireworks to make a show


has anybody seen the bjork extravaganza that is biophilia project?

i hope so, and if not you need to fix it right now. although not now exactly, cause the dvd of the london final concert is coming out later this month but at least listen to a few of my favourite tracks:

later on in the playlist there are some tracks from her previous albums, i just love them.

bjork makes a very alternative kind of sound. i've heard of her before, a few years ago she shook the icelandic and world wide music scene, but i never got the chance to listen to her actual tracks. 
my mum got us tickets for a retransmission of her live performance. i was very sceptical cause, come on, how good can a concert be if it's in a cinema? 

it was amazing

the production value was so good. the outfits were so good, the choir was so good, the special effects on the video were so good. so good.

i wish i could find some more photos from the actual performance but i guess they'll be available later.

but just look at this, the costumes are gorgeous. i already pre-ordered the dvd so there is probably going to be more on them.

ok, i don't know, i just wanted to show you my new obsession.

by the way, i was thinking of doing monthly favourites? yes, no?

till next time,




week 9


 new drawings for all your socks-y needs.

 so original i know. 
i love the old school marine themes so here
is my take on them. cute,
it looks like a children's sock.

 can't go wrong with mickey mouse.
although i'll probably never going to make one
cause of the copyright, it still deserves
a spot.

 i'm so used to internet everyday that i didn't even know 
what to do, i guess www domain
is a good choice for internet

 totally basic but i would certainly wear them.
unfortunately, i've never had the chance to taste
some candy corn, it's not available here. 
someone send me some??

 magic tricks are the best, and even though 
i hate the use of animals in such stuff
i can't help but appreciate the rabbit out of a hat.

i'm so pleased with that one, the gold
tip of the pen makes it i think.

i feel it is right.
i hope you understand.
i like to think of souls as little 
fireflies. or fire spirits.

how was your week?




"mum, this lady looks like she's dead''


so halloween is a thing.
and i did a costume. 

here is how.

my hair is washing off now and i wanted to incorporate that in my costume. unfortunately, that narrows down my choices a lot. the only blue-haired girls i know also have short hair. for a while i was considering being ramona flowers from scott pilgrim vs the world, but her hair is short too plus i'm not as badass as she is. so i decided to go for somebody a lot less realistic, corpse bride.

emily is the corpse bride from tim burton's film by the same title. it's a stop-motion animation but with little dolls. after reading that, it sound like a cute thing but it's about a dead-un-dead bride so it can't be that cute.

anyway, i love the style. inspirations:

as i am a makeup student after all, i started by experimenting with my face. that sounds wrong... this is a bit over the top but before i started with the outfit i was thinking of actually cosplaying.
 i wasn't feeling it so i decided to just be inspired by her. it turned out to be a good idea cause it is apparently very difficult to find a cheap wedding gown, who would have thought? it's actually hard to find a wedding gown, not even cheap.

early makeup trials:

as to the costume itself, i just went for something wedding like. i didn't have and couldn't find any long white dresses. i went through some white lacy night gowns but none really felt right. i found a very old skirt i used to wear all the time. it was perfect, white with different fabrics. i used a lot of old curtains, some white tights and long gloves. i dyed them with some purple and blue fabric dye i had from the galaxy projects we did a while back. i noticed she also has a flower crown so i made one myself. would you like to see a tutorial? i love making them, wish i had more time for them. so many possibilities.

let's see the finished look:

 these are some behind the scenes photos from my friend oh.how.lovely.

 and now some more pro ones from czuch:

 please ignore my face, you can see the full body shot.

 i am so happy with how it turned out! of course it's not as cool as some real cosplays of her but i did my best. the only downside was the fact i was so hot on my hands because of the gloves. the cool thing is that even when i didn't have the whole vail i looked scary and the kids around town had priceless faces.

"mum, this lady looks like she's dead''

and who were you on halloween this year?