week 8


at least i post once a week right? bjork post coming this week. i have an obsession.

 brandied fruits are the best with vanilla ice cream. 
there is a simple recipe here

 i love buttons, so this was really fun to draw
though, i wouldn't recommend sewing
actual buttons to your socks, i would be hella uncomfortable

 self explanatory, i feel like there is a lack of 
socks with letters on them.
is it just me?

 how cute is this? i have to find a way
to make these ones. 
how does one make socks?

 first i wanted to draw the un flag but
it would be so pointless since no one would notice it.
so here are some flags.

 i love pasta, and italian food in general actually.
i would wear these so much.

howl at the moon day must be one of the
most random ones yet.
but how cool is that?


see you soon,



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