week 7

bonne soire

i'm not very into native american culture, 
this is probably very stereotypical but that's really all i know.

 looks very steampunky but she invented the basics of modern computers! 
it's all about bringing science to the people,
especially women

 i know it's not very in the theme but i love it anyway.
the idea is to make the dots from this anti-slip rubber thing
so everyone can read them.

 eee... that's just here to represent him, not his company,
although i think he was so into it
that he basically was his company.

 crocs. apparently disgusting. i say comfy.
just don't wear it outside.

 something for the architects, i was going for golden gate
but i don't think you can see that.

this is supposed to be the traditional film 
but there is only so much you can do
with 2d socks.

hope you're enjoying this series



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