week 5

here we go:

 my favourite hot drink probably, it's just good. 
gotta celebrate that

 there were no really interesting holidays on this day 
so i decided to do a month one. i know it's pretty cliche but 
i like it anyway

 too bad real balloons are too fragile to walk in them
but let's just make balloon socks!

 i know weird right? but it's that box in 
speaker's corner in hyde park in london
for some reason this is the thing that comes
to my mind when i think of poetry

 this is the oddest holiday yet. i thought it's pretty pointless
since viruses give us disease. but after a bit of research 
i found out that by studying their mechanisms
we can figure out new ways to give medicine.
isn't that cool? science! 
*queue geeky music*

you knew i was gonna pick that one. i love food
and it would be great to hear
''is that a taco in your shoe?!?"

b&b are inherently british for me so a full
english breakfast it is. the tomatoes and mushrooms
would be on the other sock along with some toast.

this is getting fun!



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