week 4

better late than never right?

my macbook sort of gives up and that's why this is late, please forgive me. normal posting will resume shortly.

 pretty self explanatory 
 actually it was about nixon's dog, checkers, but it's good to play checkers too ;]
 i would wear these to my matura exam, i'm terrible with punctuation
 i don't even know, but this is a kind of graph of how psychotherapy works, at least for me. 
lots of ups and downs, sometimes even deep deep down.
 i love dream catchers. i made one myself, not as pretty as this one.
i wonder what my feet dream of, especially with these socks.
 the lace detail is supposed to be real lace. probably very impractical but so nice looking. 
also drawing that was kinda weird, need to practice this, especially for my secret project.
self explanatory, inspired by my two ''birthday suits''. it was great
and yes, that's a tutu.

hope you enjoy,



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