week 2

here we go
 this sort of came out like iguana awareness for literacy?? i don't know, the text is iguana facts from wikipedia, i don't really know much about them

 last year i had a teddy bear hanging out in my backpack the whole day, this year i made a bear print (coming soon) and this

 i had real trouble with this one since i don't really know much about inuit culture, we don't really learn that much about it. inspiration taken from this design website

 i might be the only teenager who likes making their bed, i just love different bedding designs, ok? 
(ikea rules in that)

 i don't know much about video games, i just watch let's-play's on youtube but i hope this ok for video game day.

 i know, i should've have done something from roald dahl's work. but i had so many ideas i simply couldn't decide. fortune cookies are good too.

like a child's drawing. cute holiday, cute socks.

would you wear those?



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