basically this is part one if my and my friend's ami epic holiday in warsaw.
i just have so many cool photos, i really want to share them with you. also if anybody is going to warsaw anytime soon, here are some 'tips' (sure everybody is going to warsaw...)

first day, first photo, selfie with the palm! i have no freaking idea what it's doing in the middle of the city on a roundabout, but somehow it's kind of a symbol.

 (my blue hair is still blue... now it's more of a seaweed green)

first shop we noticed, tiger! it's not anywhere near me so we were really excited. i know, it's like a shop with little, a bit kitsch, trinkets, but i love stickers and there was an abundance of them there. we found some cool party glasses!

great views in the middle of the old city, there is this main street there and it just has the most beautiful architecture.
 hotel bristol, top notch, out of my range unfortunately. some day though, some day.
next day. great weather ready for the łazienki park. chopin, freddie, butts, the best.

 mercury is alive, in a gallery
after that we kinda got lost looking for these:
 wow so much stuff here, thanks. what it is, it's an alley in the middle of the city (literally there was a big road on the other side of the trees) that is just out of this world. completely different from the rest of the city. the street is full of ''finish houses''.
they were inspired by traditional finish architecture, the gardens are massive so they're not really visible but still wonderful. dark wood bungalows just have that thing.

i have so many pictures from this trip, i've been really info photography lately. do you want to see them? i was thinking of getting a flickr or something like that so you can see them all! blog is just a bit small for that.

see you on sunday



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