week 3

this was a good week 

 i was the mad hatter and i helped some seniors with the parade and it was awesome.

this must be the best day, i want to go mini golfing

sorry for the delay, i had computer problems.

enjoy, antwerp is coming




wars i sawa

welcome back, rainbow dashes... that sounds weird

this is the second part of my trip to warsaw. next week i'll try to put up to posts about antwerp, it was truly great. but first let me walk you trough my favourite places. the last days very great, we got to know the city a bit more, loads of different neighbourhoods, cool little nooks and beautiful indoors.

the most important thing when you're in warsaw - go to see the panorama from the 30th floor of palace of culture and science. even though it's history is not so pleasant (post-soviet poland, gift from stalin etc.), it's a irreplaceable point on warsaw's skyline.

there is a tiny cafe up there, you can sit beside the view and enjoy an iced coffee like we did. the whole experience was really nice, even the crowded lift had it's charm. saturdays in summer the terrace is open till 11pm so you can get a wonderful view with the lights on. pretty cool.

notice the nice glass and saucer, classy.

just across the street there is a museum or more of a gallery of modern polish art. the facade is very cool as you can see (it's an excerpt from a poster of alice in wonderland). i'm against taking pictures of artworks really so none of that here but i really suggest you go if you have half an hour to spare. it's not very big but there is a nice selection of works and it's completely free (unlike most museums in poland)

and those are pictures from our night walk though the old city. we kind of got lost at one point but it was all fine, at least we saw a lot.

syrenki i sarenka 

that's the multimedia fountain we found by accident. so cool!


next day we started with the neon museum. i'm pretty sure it's the only one in poland and they collect old neon signs from all over, mainly warsaw. they were really popular in prl, a symbol of "western world" and progress in economy and culture.

this was so worth getting a bit lost in praga. it's in a hidden yard behind an old building and beside like a tiny street with second-hand shops all over but if you can find it, go!

these were some of my favourites.

later we went down to plac zbawicela which is kinda like a ''cool center'' in the capital. there is mokotowska street there, full of hip boutiques and other places that are only for the ''cool'' people.

but we found something better. there is this tiny coffee shop near there, called ministerstwo kawy (the ministry of coffee). i'm a very big lover and taster of coffee, especially iced. 
this was one of the best ones i ever had.
and this is really saying something since i've had dozens this summer. this is the view from our table.

a meeting with the spy

do you like perfume? obvs, probably. i read about this place, mo61, a perfume laboratory. you can make your absolutely own perfume. the guy there, such a professional sweetheart btw, told us super interesting stuff, like the different notes, good and bad combinations and which scents stay on the longest. i made ''alchemia''. now it's always going to be a warsaw scent. 

the only muji in poland was quite an event for me, i loooove their pens, like pretty much half of the internet design community.
i think i got a bit fat there but come on, who can resist a doughnut from the oldest bakery in poland. blike's is known for the best recipe, they are really good. i'm not a big fan of fried sweets but this was great, and so cheap!

ami poleca.

the last day before our journey back we pretty much spent in and out of various cafes. this is our food porn breakfast at dwóch takich. great. really good. 11/10, would eat again. plus for the shake in a milk bottle.


hope you enjoyed a bit of my holidays.
how were your adventures?

let me know,

till next time,


week 2

here we go
 this sort of came out like iguana awareness for literacy?? i don't know, the text is iguana facts from wikipedia, i don't really know much about them

 last year i had a teddy bear hanging out in my backpack the whole day, this year i made a bear print (coming soon) and this

 i had real trouble with this one since i don't really know much about inuit culture, we don't really learn that much about it. inspiration taken from this design website

 i might be the only teenager who likes making their bed, i just love different bedding designs, ok? 
(ikea rules in that)

 i don't know much about video games, i just watch let's-play's on youtube but i hope this ok for video game day.

 i know, i should've have done something from roald dahl's work. but i had so many ideas i simply couldn't decide. fortune cookies are good too.

like a child's drawing. cute holiday, cute socks.

would you wear those?




week 1

here we are, week 1 of sockabration! 

 telephone cord
 inspired by vietnam's flag
 skyscraper day
 queen b...
 cheese pizza the best!
 beard for your feet! what more do you want?!
i was thinking of like knitting grandmas, 
it would look great done actually knitted!

hope you liked it





basically this is part one if my and my friend's ami epic holiday in warsaw.
i just have so many cool photos, i really want to share them with you. also if anybody is going to warsaw anytime soon, here are some 'tips' (sure everybody is going to warsaw...)

first day, first photo, selfie with the palm! i have no freaking idea what it's doing in the middle of the city on a roundabout, but somehow it's kind of a symbol.

 (my blue hair is still blue... now it's more of a seaweed green)

first shop we noticed, tiger! it's not anywhere near me so we were really excited. i know, it's like a shop with little, a bit kitsch, trinkets, but i love stickers and there was an abundance of them there. we found some cool party glasses!

great views in the middle of the old city, there is this main street there and it just has the most beautiful architecture.
 hotel bristol, top notch, out of my range unfortunately. some day though, some day.
next day. great weather ready for the łazienki park. chopin, freddie, butts, the best.

 mercury is alive, in a gallery
after that we kinda got lost looking for these:
 wow so much stuff here, thanks. what it is, it's an alley in the middle of the city (literally there was a big road on the other side of the trees) that is just out of this world. completely different from the rest of the city. the street is full of ''finish houses''.
they were inspired by traditional finish architecture, the gardens are massive so they're not really visible but still wonderful. dark wood bungalows just have that thing.

i have so many pictures from this trip, i've been really info photography lately. do you want to see them? i was thinking of getting a flickr or something like that so you can see them all! blog is just a bit small for that.

see you on sunday