sockabrate (?)


so i'm starting a new project. and i need your input.

as i've said a million times on here, i love socks and everything connected to them.
i also love celebrations especially weird ones. i just found a great website: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/. it shows you the craziest holidays all over the world, like international  otter day and roald dahl day. naturally i really want to celebrate those in a special way just to make it fun.

this is a start of a problem. how can you celebrate every day? i think - festive socks!
unfortunately there is not enough socks (says the girl with 140 pairs of socks). i figure that there should be some for the special occasions.

there comes my genius idea. let's make socks for these holidays! i just thought that this is kind of less original than i thought but oh well...

so from this week on i'm going to be posting a weekly round up of different sock designs for every day of the school year! sunday, 8 pm. that's pretty much it. i think it's going to be a nice fun exercise for the design side and you can learn something geeky on here (it's not going to be that much different, really...).

see you next time!



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