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remember me? i'm the girl who gets a blogs, writes cool things and even gets a website, builds a small audience (really small, don't worry, i'm not turning vain) and than all of a sudden, abandons it completely. for months...

such wonderful feeling to be back, really.

i haven't written in so long, i don't even know why, first i didn't have time, than anything interesting to say and the hiatus got longer and longer. i can't promise i'm back for good, my mental health isn't exactly at it's strongest, but i'll try nonetheless.

welcome back, dear reader.

i feel i shouldn't catch you up on new things, it'll probably come with time. let's just start...


saturday is a cleaning day at my house, in general, cleaning is a very loose term in my household... anyway, i hate hoovering so i do everything but, i started with laundry. i got to the sock drawer(s) and noticed a beautiful thing. my drawers are overflowing with literary hundreds of wonderful feet jumpers.

i finally want to share the love.

i have 130 pairs and counting. socks are my weakness, i can not say no to those wondrous things.

do you want to see them? cause i'm obseeesed!

secret thing, i want to make a garland out of them for my birthday in september.
like this:

what do you think about people with weird socks, i mean it says something about a person right?
i just feel like i'm so quirky and fun but actually i'm probably more of a derp loser...

on that positive note, 



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