sockabrate (?)


so i'm starting a new project. and i need your input.

as i've said a million times on here, i love socks and everything connected to them.
i also love celebrations especially weird ones. i just found a great website: https://www.daysoftheyear.com/. it shows you the craziest holidays all over the world, like international  otter day and roald dahl day. naturally i really want to celebrate those in a special way just to make it fun.

this is a start of a problem. how can you celebrate every day? i think - festive socks!
unfortunately there is not enough socks (says the girl with 140 pairs of socks). i figure that there should be some for the special occasions.

there comes my genius idea. let's make socks for these holidays! i just thought that this is kind of less original than i thought but oh well...

so from this week on i'm going to be posting a weekly round up of different sock designs for every day of the school year! sunday, 8 pm. that's pretty much it. i think it's going to be a nice fun exercise for the design side and you can learn something geeky on here (it's not going to be that much different, really...).

see you next time!




hubble bubble

listen to this first:
bubble surprise

now this:

you get me. i like bubble tea. recently i went to warsaw with my good friend ami and i tasted the original bubblelogy tea. it was very good. but i've had better. i know, sacrilege for a real hipster (i'm better than you cause i only drink the ''original'', blah blah blah).
i'm probably kinda a hipster although i prefer to think of myself as a geek... i'm just diggin' myself deeper...

i like bubble tea. today i got some really good here, that is my point. 



p.s. i started drawing more, want to see?


feet sweaters


remember me? i'm the girl who gets a blogs, writes cool things and even gets a website, builds a small audience (really small, don't worry, i'm not turning vain) and than all of a sudden, abandons it completely. for months...

such wonderful feeling to be back, really.

i haven't written in so long, i don't even know why, first i didn't have time, than anything interesting to say and the hiatus got longer and longer. i can't promise i'm back for good, my mental health isn't exactly at it's strongest, but i'll try nonetheless.

welcome back, dear reader.

i feel i shouldn't catch you up on new things, it'll probably come with time. let's just start...


saturday is a cleaning day at my house, in general, cleaning is a very loose term in my household... anyway, i hate hoovering so i do everything but, i started with laundry. i got to the sock drawer(s) and noticed a beautiful thing. my drawers are overflowing with literary hundreds of wonderful feet jumpers.

i finally want to share the love.

i have 130 pairs and counting. socks are my weakness, i can not say no to those wondrous things.

do you want to see them? cause i'm obseeesed!

secret thing, i want to make a garland out of them for my birthday in september.
like this:

what do you think about people with weird socks, i mean it says something about a person right?
i just feel like i'm so quirky and fun but actually i'm probably more of a derp loser...

on that positive note,